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Maka Maka by Torajirō Kishi: Vol. 1

Yesss….! It finally came in the mail. The book that Media Blaster promises to be really good quality yuri. First impressions, yes the book feels like a Japanese publication – glossy pages and everything. In the real background with my mom yelling at me about needless purchases during the recession time, I stared at the cover. Overjoyed, I turned to my mother to show her the layer revealing cover – only to be called a pervert – still that aside. I read the book within an hour or so.

This book begins the story of Jun and Nene – they are female best friends. The title Maka-Maka means friends with benefits. So you can see where the book leads off to. Whenever Nene is unsatisfied with her relationship with boyfriends, she turns to Jun. There are lots of foreplay and petting scenes in this book. That was all right to look at, there is certainly an interesting part about pubic hair. What interested me the most out of the book, once I got past the quality of the book, wasn’t the plot itself, rather the extra parts like those small parts about the background of their lives, as with a diagram of a day of their lives, made it interesting.

I imagine the book will conclude next volume, so I’ll probably purchase it

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  1. November 20, 2008 at 5:31 am

    I read 2 chapters of the book and dropped it. It’s refreshing to know both Jun and Nene’s opinions toward sex and friendship and it’s great to know that they feel comfortable with one another. However, I believe that friends should remain as friends and not sleep with one another. @_@

  2. miz
    November 20, 2008 at 9:13 am

    Yes, it is refreshing to see that, but then again…. who knows what type of relationship if they had if they weren’t friends at all? (Fiction-aside) Contemporary relationships is like that, with the fears of one night stands. I believe that if something is to happen, it often starts from friends.

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