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Matsukata Hiroki’s Catch and Studio Ghbli no Uta = Oh my!”

November 26, 2008 Leave a comment

Happy previous to Thanksgiving Holiday.

Once again reading blogs at my work, along with other things, but mostly what story that stood out today for me was Matsukata Hiroki’s catch with a huge tune, made me wish that I was able to go this year to Mitsuwa for their tuna event, but wasn’t able to, still…interesting fishing news.

Another feed that interest me was Studio Ghibli no Uta on sale. Quite excited, that even if I got their previous Best release compliation, and realizes that I have most of their songs, I am still purchasing this cd..

Have some feelings on posting a small featurette soon, on the comfort of shoes and anime..

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Feeds and more feeds… video games, anime… etc.

November 22, 2008 Leave a comment

Today I spent nearly the entire time, just browsing my feeds…. Disclaimer, am pretty behind on my feeds, so they are a few days old. I also imagine people on my facebook got a kick of what I noted from NY times this morning. Contemplated on bashing Bush some more, but thought that was getting old.

Dattebayo’s going to be stopping fansubbing of Naruto next year, I am actually more interested in what will they continue to fansub?

The new PSP edition is not imperious to hackers as developers promised it to be.

Gia mentions that Funamation is sending cease and desist letters to fansubbers for Eva 1.0. Reminds me of that time I spoke with Artist Alley artist at NYAF, and he mentions how Funamation actually went thru his works, and pick out this and this and this.. and then this… and casually mentions how the artist can be sued if he sells any of those fan art pictures.. how sad..

Also thought that Soshi was lucky, that she lived in a country closer to Japan, they seem to have better products over there, than things we have here.

Drooled over the Dissidia’s secret trailer.

I would like to try out this the Soul Eater game based on how pretty the graphics look, but wonders how long will I be interested?

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[SMAP] Bistro SMAP: Oct 27, 2008

November 1, 2008 1 comment

One of the few Japanese shows, I am willing to watch RAW, because of how I feel about SMAP, and because there are only instances of subtitling the show, because of the volume of work and the frequency of programs. Bistro SMAP, is when SMAP invites guests to eat prepare haute cuisine. Yum. I was pretty excited when I realized who was the guests for Bistro SMAP, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Takeshi Kaneshiro, of whom I have spent many years watching movies of. Still I like it when Tony Leung was speaking with Kimura, and there was the mention of 2046, which is one of my favorite movies.. it has been five years or so, since that movie. Tony Leung and Takeshi Kanshiro was on Bistro to promote their latest movie Red Cliff. Maybe I’ll comment about the other sections of the show at another time, since I like watching what I can watch of SMAPxSMAP….

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