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Good bye 2008, and Hello 2009!

December 31, 2008 3 comments

Greetings one and all… this is my Western New Year’s greeting for 2009 and a Bon Voyage bidding for 2008. Good bye to the last year of Bush – good riddance, good bye to the horrible economy..hopefully that will get better, good bye to the endings of Lucky Star OVA – what a horror… and hello to a New Year probably filled with the same old things from the old year’s… I have some plans/resolution – one is to work more on my blogs, two is to finish playing more of the games I have piling up, three is to learn as much Japanese as I can and four is to definitely do something about writing for actual publication.

There are two things I can look forward to in the 2009, one is my impending trip to Japan… and two is my adjunct promotion at my current job.

I found this New Year’s related picture deviantART, so the picture is by Nefis.


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Gira Gira General Impressions 1-8

December 27, 2008 Leave a comment


Recently I finished watching this drama, and while I wasn’t really satisfied with the plot. It was a quick watch though. Compare with my friend Aya, I tend to watch dramas, that are not with JE people as much. Still if you want to read impressions of this drama with more focus on the actresses, you can check out Akiramike’s 2 review posts. I enjoy reading his blog posts, since they focus on dramas I would probably miss watching.

This drama is supposedly similar to Yaoh, but other than that one host that would heal the woman’s heart, make them happy and not care about money aside…. this drama was as different as it could get.  Kohei had lost his job, and hid from his family the secret that he was a successful host in the past before. So without a job, he went back to becoming a host.

Many of the host in the club Rink didn’t like him at all, saying that he was too old. But soon he became the appointed leader of the club from the former leader.  This opens up a lot of worms, and Kohei has to deal with various internal and outside factors that would bring the conclusion in episode 8.

What I liked about this series, was the part where they had the cheering chants, and the theme song. This is also the first time I got to see Sasaki Kuranosuke as a lead in a drama. I see him a lot in supporting roles. I had an easier time watching this drama than I did with Ashita no Kita Yoshio, which had another supporting actor as the male lead.

What I didn’t like was rushed and how bogged down the plot dragged for some parts. I was surprised to see that it was only schedule for 8 episodes, similar to Koshonin. There were parts, though where I wondered if they recycled the same point, and then to see how the ending came about. That was so corny.

Still there are other dramas I would be looking forward to, so this is a brief look back to this series.

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One Piece: Thriller Bark Arc Impressions

December 26, 2008 Leave a comment

After countless episodes, where I did not cover the arc at all…here’s a stab at my impressions, before they grow stale. I am not going to cover the entire series, but give stabs and jabs at them. I expect that either the person who would read this, is either a fan and have seen the series like I have.. or not.. there is always Wikipedia, as a friend of mine points out.

The anime covers Thriller Bark from episode 337-377. I am including when they enter Thriller Bark, to where Zoro takes a stand against Bartholomew Kuma. This is an arc that basically had no ending theme, but recently has began a new theme song, a remix of “We Are“… after 10+ episodes of listening to “Jungle P.”


I looked at the entry and thought that it looked a little too bleak, so I stuck in one of my favorite screen shots.. can anyone figure out which part this is?

In the Thriller Bark arc, the Mugiwara Kaizoku-dan find themselves against one of the 7 warlords, Gecko Moria – who has the devil fruit powers to steal shadows, and with the assistance of Dr. Hogback, enlivens corpses (zombies) as minions. Moria uses his power to steal Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, and Robin’s shadows. The rundown of who the crew fought in this arc.

Chopper – Dr. Hogback
Ussop- Perona
Zoro- Ryuuma
Nami – Absalom
Sanji- Absalom
Luffy – Oz

Robin, Franky and Brooks were around, but they didn’t have any major enemies to face, so they stood and help.

There was this one particular episode where the crew was fighting against Oz, while waiting for Luffy; Franky was with Usopp and Chopper. They wanted to merge together, much like a mobile suit with Franky as the heart. Sanji and Zorro were the legs, Chopper was the helmet. Robin and Ussop were the arms…and Robin refused to join them saying it was too ugly to picture it… even Oz was sad that the attack didn’t happen. That was a truly funny scene.

Toward the end of the arc, in the post fight scene Brook recounts his past, and it was pretty sad. Next arc will probably be when they meet up with Right now the crew is on route to the Mermaid island. The last episode I saw brought the return of Foxy the Silver Fox.. what a nuisance.. >_<

The next major arc is the Sabaody Archipelago arc.

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Day 12 of 12 Days

December 25, 2008 1 comment

Ahhh.. final day of 12 days!!!!!!! This was an interesting blog run. Uhh…. I truly wish that everyone have a great holiday…and because of my zero artistic talent, I am once again sharing with you all one of my favorite anime, as a fan art Holiday drawing. I can’t really bring myself to say Christmas, because well it commemorates a Western religion IMO.


This is a really neat fan art, that is drawn by Weird Alchemist on deviantArt. It shows off the possibility of the 9th movie very well..

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Day 11 of 12 Days – Luffy beats the s*** out of Odz/Moria

December 24, 2008 1 comment

Something to be thankful about…! This made my day. Watching Luffy beat the enemy is always something of interest to me. Particularly since I have been anxiously watching this anime on a running thing. Yes there are moments, that I know staring at this is a very childish thing, and it is like David vs. Goliath moment… But this part herald’s the beginning to the end of the Thriller Bark episode. To which I share an image, and a file…. this is what I was thankful for, I also extracted cast’s rendition of Bink’s Sake….and extracted the new opening, We Are.


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Day 10 of 12 Days: Ghouls, ghosts… oh my…

December 23, 2008 1 comment

Okay now what would you say if you say something like this in real life? Seriously I would be pretty grossed out.. having a virus or a being erupt from your back is kinda scary. In spite of the gorgeous visual eye candy background.


Now the person who Enma Ai normally ferries is already quite tormented, when they are brought down to hell, but since this is the third season. I figure they would have to amp it up a lot, given with the conclusion of the second season and in this third season, of Ai possessing Yuzuki. Still I am very impressed by this series.

This picture reminded me of that doll Shima from Vampire Princess Miyu OVA. Now that’s an older though.. really nice graphics though ne? jigoku-mitsugane

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Day 9 of 12 Days – NYAF

December 22, 2008 1 comment

What can I say of this month.. other than the fact that I was able to see Rie Tanaka.. seiyuu for Chii and other voices in anime? It was a memorable experience. I woke up at around 4:30-ish after only 2 hrs of sleep from the previous nights events of NYAF.. and made my way back again… to get her autograph.. wow…she’s really pretty and cute…

This year I was fortunate to see many Japanese celebrities in person.. Kappei Yamaguchi, JAM Project, Masao Maruyama, HALCALI, TMR. Gosh, I hope I don’t sound like a sap.

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Day 8 of 12 Days: Ending of the Summer Festival…

December 21, 2008 1 comment

All August in Japan and all around the world, probably has end of the summer festivals…. I grew up thinking about the Ox-herder and the fairy story. Still my impression of a hot month is of balmy nights with festivals, so even if Junjou started to air in October, just seeing them celebrate something like that in obviously yukata makes me feel kinda sad that I missed the Summer Festival at Mitsuwa…I like events, and to know that they exist make me think of something nostalgic and nice… August always brings about a memory feeling, probably because the days are humid, but this year’s august was also the time I got to see JAM Project though at Otakon 2008.


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