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Chopper = DBZ Love right?

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Last month, in the company of my normal crew of friends. I was at Kino, when I saw this and of course.. being impatient of waiting for the Chopper x Dragon Ball 40th Anniversary Cell Phone Charms, I went and purchased these.  So I am now the owner of these figurines… pretty interesting, and so I contemplate on finishing my Cell Phone Charm Collection of the Chopper x Dragon Ball ones. I do know they have them at Kino.. so I will make my way to it probably this upcoming Friday, and purchase them. Woe of anime fan.. always purse broke.. take a look at this… any thoughts? My friends and the staff at Kino certainly thought it was astounding that a fan girl will purchase all these in one shot..

Also have that lovely DBZxOP notebook, that I got from Jlist, that is nearby… >_<


Need to write that impression of Thriller Bark soon.. >_<

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Day 2 of 12 Days….Takoyaki!

December 15, 2008 1 comment

February 2008

Takoyaki.. takoyaki… I was thinking about this as went to Astor Place several times…but mostly because a real life acquaintance spoke about it..


I cropped this cute wallpaper from Deviant Art. This artwork is courtesy of Soullz. Now how relevant is this to anime?



That’s my memory of February this year.

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