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Day 4 of 12 Days – TMR at Kino!!!!

December 17, 2008 1 comment

Well I missed NYCC 2008, because of the necessity of seeing Rent the musical with my sister. But I got to see TMR at Kino the next day, when he did a radio show. Here’s a picture I took from Samurai Beat Radio, since they did not let anyone take any pictures, other than their own photographers..

How is this relevant.. well does Rurouni Kenshin and Soul Eater ring a bell. TMR sings.. so he is relevant in terms of singing to anime. I love living in NYC at times like this… well you can actually see my friends and I in the pictures.. but that’s pointless to point out, since it’s TMR at Kino.


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[SMAP] Say You Say Me – 12-15-06

December 17, 2008 Leave a comment

I still have to do a write up for a SMAP’s PIELOT, but I like this episode, almost as much as the last time I saw Tanihara Shosuke on this segement as well. The premises is this,guess who is the mysterious voice behind the screen, acting as a character from a classic anime.  Nakai-kun is the host of this segement, pretending to be Lionel Richie – after his song Say You Say Me… three of the SMAP memebers have to guess who is the voice is for three rounds… and one of the SMAP member gets to go and act as the mysterious voice partner in this guess who is the seiyuu situation.

Anyway for this episode, they used Dr-Slump, and guess who acts as Arale’s voice, man was I surprised. Shingo-kun got to act as Senbei, since he seem to know the most about Dr. Slump.. *_*

This leaves behind Goro-kun, Kimura, and Tsuyoshi-kun as the contestant. Tsuyoshi-kun’s reactions were so cute… and then it was so funny with Kimura’s reactions when he realizes who it was at the end of the segment.

And it’s Matsu Takako playing as Arale-chan! Shingo-kun was complaining as to how she couldn’t control her laughter during the rounds.. so it was funny.. I haven’t see her in a while, so I was happy to learn she’s in a new movie.arale-say-you-say-me1

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