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Day 8 of 12 Days: Ending of the Summer Festival…

December 21, 2008 1 comment

All August in Japan and all around the world, probably has end of the summer festivals…. I grew up thinking about the Ox-herder and the fairy story. Still my impression of a hot month is of balmy nights with festivals, so even if Junjou started to air in October, just seeing them celebrate something like that in obviously yukata makes me feel kinda sad that I missed the Summer Festival at Mitsuwa…I like events, and to know that they exist make me think of something nostalgic and nice… August always brings about a memory feeling, probably because the days are humid, but this year’s august was also the time I got to see JAM Project though at Otakon 2008.


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MangaCast » Girly Girl Manga for the Manly Manga Reader

December 21, 2008 4 comments

MangaCast » Girly Girl Manga for the Manly Manga Reader.

I am staring at this story and wonder if that is the case? I’ll probably ask some of my male anime friends this questions.. would they read shoujo manga as the original post said. If then.. what titles interested them?

Shouldn’t there be an equal readership though..or should it appear that female readers are more open to other genres.. while guys aren’t? Although I can’t help but think of JP’s blog entry on watching Ayashi no Ceres… ealier this month.

Is it also true then Men are From Mars, and Women are from Venus then?

Also trying out “WordPress’s Press This feature” and so far.. seems like it is useful….

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