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Gira Gira General Impressions 1-8


Recently I finished watching this drama, and while I wasn’t really satisfied with the plot. It was a quick watch though. Compare with my friend Aya, I tend to watch dramas, that are not with JE people as much. Still if you want to read impressions of this drama with more focus on the actresses, you can check out Akiramike’s 2 review posts. I enjoy reading his blog posts, since they focus on dramas I would probably miss watching.

This drama is supposedly similar to Yaoh, but other than that one host that would heal the woman’s heart, make them happy and not care about money aside…. this drama was as different as it could get.  Kohei had lost his job, and hid from his family the secret that he was a successful host in the past before. So without a job, he went back to becoming a host.

Many of the host in the club Rink didn’t like him at all, saying that he was too old. But soon he became the appointed leader of the club from the former leader.  This opens up a lot of worms, and Kohei has to deal with various internal and outside factors that would bring the conclusion in episode 8.

What I liked about this series, was the part where they had the cheering chants, and the theme song. This is also the first time I got to see Sasaki Kuranosuke as a lead in a drama. I see him a lot in supporting roles. I had an easier time watching this drama than I did with Ashita no Kita Yoshio, which had another supporting actor as the male lead.

What I didn’t like was rushed and how bogged down the plot dragged for some parts. I was surprised to see that it was only schedule for 8 episodes, similar to Koshonin. There were parts, though where I wondered if they recycled the same point, and then to see how the ending came about. That was so corny.

Still there are other dramas I would be looking forward to, so this is a brief look back to this series.

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