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MangaCast » Girly Girl Manga for the Manly Manga Reader

December 21, 2008 4 comments

MangaCast » Girly Girl Manga for the Manly Manga Reader.

I am staring at this story and wonder if that is the case? I’ll probably ask some of my male anime friends this questions.. would they read shoujo manga as the original post said. If then.. what titles interested them?

Shouldn’t there be an equal readership though..or should it appear that female readers are more open to other genres.. while guys aren’t? Although I can’t help but think of JP’s blog entry on watching Ayashi no Ceres… ealier this month.

Is it also true then Men are From Mars, and Women are from Venus then?

Also trying out “WordPress’s Press This feature” and so far.. seems like it is useful….

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Day 7 of 12 Days – Hana Yori Dango Final

December 20, 2008 3 comments

Ever since I learned of this series in High school saw various representations of the manga series, in the form of anime, movie, Meteor Garden Seasons 1+2, Hana Yori Dango Season’s 1+2… finally the movie: Hana Yori Dango Final is released.. and fans can breath a sigh of relief – or smack your head in disbelief. It is shoujo at it’s sappiness, let me say that… while I can see Matsujun’s young bode nearly nude. I am quite annoyed… by the girlishnss of this film… Makino and Domyoji finally tie the knot in this movie.. still what a long winding road to this… at the end of the film, there is a nod to the manga, which reminds me of the anime…


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Day 6 of 12 Days- Figures of Happiness…

December 19, 2008 3 comments

Originally was planning to write a entry about various dramas I watch in June, but I just remember that this was the month, where I start to think about which potential Japanese visual novel video games to purchase. This I purchase from J-list or from a dealer friend of mine.


Looks kinda holiday-ish.. ? I was actually contemplating on placing a more risky image, but seems that I’ll be censored a lot, so this is actually one of the endings in this H-game for adults I played. This is one of the only games I actually finished the entire game of, completed with all the endings..

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Day 5 of 12 Days – HALCALI

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Similar to TMR at Kino, HALCALI did visit Kino… for Japan Day 2008. Now who are HALCALI? They’re a rap duo from Japan.. and have sang themes for Eureka 7 and Naruto Shippuden. I was pretty excited to see them, they were guests for Japan Day at Central Park.


Oh this was also the month that the now defunct Female Rebellion Round Robin began, where all the female anime bloggers got together… of course that didn’t last long, which was a sad thing…

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Day 4 of 12 Days – TMR at Kino!!!!

December 17, 2008 1 comment

Well I missed NYCC 2008, because of the necessity of seeing Rent the musical with my sister. But I got to see TMR at Kino the next day, when he did a radio show. Here’s a picture I took from Samurai Beat Radio, since they did not let anyone take any pictures, other than their own photographers..

How is this relevant.. well does Rurouni Kenshin and Soul Eater ring a bell. TMR sings.. so he is relevant in terms of singing to anime. I love living in NYC at times like this… well you can actually see my friends and I in the pictures.. but that’s pointless to point out, since it’s TMR at Kino.


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[SMAP] Say You Say Me – 12-15-06

December 17, 2008 Leave a comment

I still have to do a write up for a SMAP’s PIELOT, but I like this episode, almost as much as the last time I saw Tanihara Shosuke on this segement as well. The premises is this,guess who is the mysterious voice behind the screen, acting as a character from a classic anime.  Nakai-kun is the host of this segement, pretending to be Lionel Richie – after his song Say You Say Me… three of the SMAP memebers have to guess who is the voice is for three rounds… and one of the SMAP member gets to go and act as the mysterious voice partner in this guess who is the seiyuu situation.

Anyway for this episode, they used Dr-Slump, and guess who acts as Arale’s voice, man was I surprised. Shingo-kun got to act as Senbei, since he seem to know the most about Dr. Slump.. *_*

This leaves behind Goro-kun, Kimura, and Tsuyoshi-kun as the contestant. Tsuyoshi-kun’s reactions were so cute… and then it was so funny with Kimura’s reactions when he realizes who it was at the end of the segment.

And it’s Matsu Takako playing as Arale-chan! Shingo-kun was complaining as to how she couldn’t control her laughter during the rounds.. so it was funny.. I haven’t see her in a while, so I was happy to learn she’s in a new movie.arale-say-you-say-me1

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Day 3 of 12 Days – White Day!

December 16, 2008 1 comment

Ever since I learned about White Day when I was in college, I always liked this Japanese holiday…just a month after Valentine’s Day is this day of giving back to the people you celebrated with for Valentine’s Day. Now I have never celebrated this day before, well never celebrated Valentine’s Day much eather.. but doesn’t the idea of it make the romanticist melt a little?


This lovely image is courtesy of Inma from Deviant Art.

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Chopper = DBZ Love right?

December 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Last month, in the company of my normal crew of friends. I was at Kino, when I saw this and of course.. being impatient of waiting for the Chopper x Dragon Ball 40th Anniversary Cell Phone Charms, I went and purchased these.  So I am now the owner of these figurines… pretty interesting, and so I contemplate on finishing my Cell Phone Charm Collection of the Chopper x Dragon Ball ones. I do know they have them at Kino.. so I will make my way to it probably this upcoming Friday, and purchase them. Woe of anime fan.. always purse broke.. take a look at this… any thoughts? My friends and the staff at Kino certainly thought it was astounding that a fan girl will purchase all these in one shot..

Also have that lovely DBZxOP notebook, that I got from Jlist, that is nearby… >_<


Need to write that impression of Thriller Bark soon.. >_<

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