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Learning how to write Japanese…

January 31, 2009 2 comments

– Enomoto Kurumi: Mirai Kinenbi

Struggles to learn Japanese… well how to read and write is always a desire of mine… so for the countless time… I am once again trying to learn Japanese, this time with the usage of tangocyou or 単語帳. Prior to this attempt, I have attempted with laminating flash cards.. that attempt got stifle…so I am trying once again.. to learn. Let’s just say it is difficult without the structure of an actual class, but I don’t know when am I able to go take the the time to learn a class… I lost my chance in my undergrad, there was speaking involved..but I got overwhelmed that semester and stopped the course…

I have gotten the flash card set from Asahiya for $1.50 so I am trying to pick up my pace with leaning.


Other solutions I have tried is to use an exercise book, that I have used in the past to study Chinese. I am actually lucky I can still find these books. It cost $0.40 from a bookstore I go to in Chinatown at Elizabeth Street.


Armed also with a pencil board… of the hirigana system…I hope to be more proficient in my Japanese language studies.

This is actually a good blog entry, for examples on tips how to make it more useful to study Japanese.  Another blog entry is this one, with mentioning how to structure, the learning of Japanese in a schedule.

If you don’t live near a Japanese bookstore like I do…Jlist or Jbox is a great place to get Japanese studying items.

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Happy Lunar New Year!

January 26, 2009 2 comments

This is the Year of the Ox, so Happy New Year to all who are celebrating it this lunar year!!!!

Other than the normal

恭喜發財 that is Gung Hay Fat Choy, which stands for Welcome Fortune.. or Happy Chinese New Year….

I would want to wish everyone..五福臨門 which is Wu Fuk Lam Mun… that is Five Happiness Bestowed on Your Househould or my favorite

saying.. 一帆風順…. that is Yat Fan Fung Sun – which is a way of saying.. May anything that you do be peaceful and calm.


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Tags – what else is there to it? Some OT news as well..

January 25, 2009 5 comments

At this time, submerged up to the gills with library work and book reviews… hence my short hiatus for several days. I need to catch up with anime as well. >_<… Will be heading to NYCC next, so will post up a personalized review up here, as oppse to my professional reivew. Just words, that’s all.. also now on the look out for a new camera. Heading over to B&H in tomorrow…. back to the post on hand….


Now my question is, very simply – what do you do with the tags on your blogs? I usually have a hard time with tags in my blog, so I forego it, even though on the rare occasion I use it.. but I see so many other people using it…and this is actually of interest for the librarian in me to wonder about this.

Tags are labels, that people can find commonality with.. but what do you do with tags you use, a general mention o f them, or an obscure word, that you seemingly use only once? Take for instance the word One Piece as oppose to the 372 as oppose to the episode count, or 2008 for the year or NYC, as oppose to the location? But then what about tags like Luffy…. or review… or even hate or love?

I think of so many relevant terms, that I find it hard to want to tag a entry, and then have only that one entry with that specific tag… still I shall keep on working on thinking of broader tags to link posts together.. because, then what is the use of a tag cloud then? Especially in a blog like this?

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Emphasizing on aspects of Convention manners..

January 19, 2009 2 comments

– La’Arc En Ciel: Link


As fans, there are conventions – but conventions does not mean you:

  1. Start screaming left and right at the top of your lungs about things being neat or cool – That’s why you go to the Con.
  2. Do not get in the way of guests promoting their reason of being in the reason, if they’re in the con for promoting something else, don’t ask them about their other jobs.
  3. Start assuming that you are superior to everyone else in terms of knowledge,  because that makes you appear to be an obnoxious individual.
  4. Start assuming that your fandom is best – because it is often not.. and yes I am referring to various fandoms, that makes the fan base pretty obnoxious – ie. Yaoi fangirls…
  5. Start booing, or being rude or insulting to the guest – if they didn’t plan the program to fit your needs… I remember assumption was done at the Yuri Panel last year at NYAF…. so that was a turn off.
  6. Respect the eardrums, personal space of other convention people around you.

Yes even though those are common courtesy.. that might be conveniently forgotten by fans in their enthusiasm to get close to their hobby inspiration… so this might be an early reminder for convention goers – under any convention attending agendas.


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[NYCC 2009] Okay information overload… and it’s not even here yet!

January 19, 2009 1 comment



Okay e-mail bombardment of press releases check…. latest press release is Heros star: Milo Ventimiglia going to be at CC itself..

Email reminders to update my sessions check…

Friend im-ing/emailing double check check…..

Twittering like mad…. triple check..


Okay… I am going to NYCC as press for JLHLS, but now I realized, from NYCC last year with TMR, what a publicity venue this would be for both American, and Japanese stars… this is making my heart go all aflutter… have to stop and focus… ack… >_<

I don’t care about the American/Western aspect of the con… but just news of Sakurai Sho going to be at NYCC is making my Celebrity watch radar go mad.

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[Announcement] Adding a WordPress add on…

January 19, 2009 2 comments

-This Ugly yet Beautiful World ED- “Natsuiro no Kakera” by Youko Ishida


My announcement is definitely not as grand as a fireworks display, but was trying to find a suitable picture.. for that glittery shazam! Well as a blog improvement, decided to purchase some space upgrade – so I did some thinking over.. and decided affirmative. So I purchased some space for music uploads… so here it is..

Now criteria for songs, are usually what I feel the song would give the entry the most impact, or what I consider to be my theme song for writing that entry, so be prepare for songs that are either Japanese, Chinese or English…

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Figures wish list…

January 18, 2009 3 comments

Must stop drooling actually… well as an anime fan, I don’t really strive to collect figures because I wouldn’t know where to put them, and with my other collecting hobbies… I am seriously thinking of my poor account now.

But after months of staring at How a Girl Figures, from the time of that defunct round robin… I have made some tentative steps to collecting figures… and the feeling has been well ecstatic..

Been getting on the begging list for my friend in Japan now to start collecting them.. as of now.. the figures on my wish list are these… I would like to own all of the One Piece Excellent Model figures, but my poor bank account.. not sure if I’ll change my mind when I go to Japan though.

Also on my wish list is to get a Bonta plushie….from  Full Metal Panic.. but I wonder if there was ever something like that? Must look!

Nico Robin


This figure is a re-issue, and is suppose to be out May 2009…



Actually this figure was released December 2008, and it is sold out across the anime toy collecting sites I look at. Although my friend tells me that there are still plenty in Japan… I am right now just thinking of getting this new and in a brand spanking box.



Shenhua is a Chinese mafia in Black Lagoon.. I have in my mind of getting a Levi figure as well…. but take a look at how sexy Shenhua is! I am actually fainting when I look at this… this pose reminds me of a Michelle Yeoh image that I love… so Shenhua definitely looks dyanomite.

I have in my possession so far these two figures:



Basically I waited one year for Play Asia to come throuhh with sending this figure to me in the mail. It got to the point where I don’t want to order from Play-Asia after preordering this figure.



Oh I got this as a impulse buy at Kino.. isn’t this image of Luffy good… there’s other acessorie of it holding a knife/fork and meat with a smily face. Still makes me want to get an Ussop figure to match it up now. Maybe I’ll find the Sogeking figure.. hope that is the case.

Most of the One Piece models are part of a One Piece Excellent Model Collection, so they can get pricy… Caru, Luffy, Nami, Vivi, Franky, Zolo are also on my list to potentially purchase.

While the Luffy one I have, is a representation of the Mugiwara Kaizoku-dan as children. They are classed as Excellent Model Mild… and are therefore not as expensive as the Excellent Model, but no less good..

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Response to Anime Nation’s Posting of whether there is a sucessor for Sailor Moon

January 17, 2009 2 comments

Since there is a requirment for the person to actually be registered to even comment, I decided to write a response here for this post made by Anime Nation.


Sailor Moon as stated by the blog entry did pave the way to many other magical girl shows to be made, but I know that those other magical girl shows did not share the same success as Sailor Moon did…

Mainly for these reasons, how many magical girl shows can you release to the masses, without it feeling really turned off? Also these other magical girl shows may appeal to a different type of audience. Also because I imagine that the Anime Nation post is writing for an American audience, this is a question to pose to Amercian fans…. how much competition will there be from American made cartoons?

Each magical girl show share themes of rescuing the world from great evil, but unlike action types – these will fall short of the U.S. audience.

Another reasons which the entry also pointed out, these  other magical girl shows have never had the publicity as Sailor Moon did, and there is only so much that you can appeal for the other magical girl shows.

Sure there is the whole group effort thing that can be easily seen in the shonen counter part of Dragon Ball. But even that may fall short of longevity. Now the reason why I would even pair up those two is because they were really popular as I was growing up. Dragon Ball was for boys, and Sailor Moon for girls.

There also won’t be a continuation for Sailor Moon, unless the animators want to kill the series off more than enough by saturating the market with these products, as Disney is remaking all the princesses or when DB did the GT series.

Still I also don’t think that there would be a real sucessor for Sailor Moon, but there is always the copy cats or other magical girl that aspire to have the sucess of Sailor Moon. There are also other themes to focus on, which seems to be prevelent for anime these days like the repetitious harem type anime or the mecha series.

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