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Self-thoughts and Goals for 2009

January 1, 2009 3 comments

Okay, I wonder if this will be a tangent entry. I have been reading articles from Lorelle on Fan Blogs, and this is what I always think on how to improve my blog. There are also some qualities I noticed in myself that I will infer in this post.

As an anime blogger with too much things in my real life and frequent burnt out periods.. I often question my maturity as an anime fan. Sure some will see me as always happy and excited, but other times, I wonder if people find me annoying. I am actually quite nervous/excited to meet anime bloggers or fans. I just don’t connect well to them, unless I watch certain anime series.

I was talking with one of my real life friends and he mentions of my selectiveness in various anime or tendencies… I truly don’t want to blog about something that I don’t find myself motivated by.

Originally began this blog as an extra credit for a graduate school course. But even if that is over, I still want to make this blog last. Hence my mission statement is to provide various news content of self-interest in terms of anime, or Japanese culture – ie: Dramas, celebrities, seiyuu, music. I highly doubt many anime fans will be interested in what I write about, but with the new releases, I find myself a bit too bored by the plots of them. So even if I do keep watching new anime, I wonder if I will have that same passion for blogging about it? Particularly if I drop them after five episodes.

I also write as a con reporter/reviewer for J LHLS, so many of my waking moments is either split between my job as a librarian, reader, or as a reviewer

Another point I have to make is my personal preference collecting for many adult anime series in games of mangas, but I find myself feeling slightly irked if I see that my stats only register a lot of people finding my sites via the keywords, “One Piece hentai” or “Nami hentai.”

I don’t have that type of content here, and because of self-editing have moved various entries to either my professional blog or my bl-hobby related blog that I am working on with my friend.

An original goal of mine is to provide summary goals of various One Piece anime episodes, but very much like the pattern I see with Random Curiosity or with other similar blogs… they get hit with so many traffic, is that what I want? Sure I like to see my stats up, but is it what I want?

I know from the many professional conference or panels I went, as a blogger – one must be consistent, but it is such a challenge. Also am very not artistically talented, since I am quite a logical verbal thinking. So many times if I even want to match with other anime bloggers, I either take screencaps or find art from devientART.

As an anime fan I identify myself as these characteristics: long time anime fan, fujoshi, video game appreciator, art appreciator, One Piece fan, and librarian.

If you got through my rambling thought and is not irked, then here are some of my goals… this year for animemiz’s scribblings:

  • Be more consistent in other anime blogger’s blogs
  • Update once or twice a week here, with some anime or Japanese news of interest
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