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Ghibli no Uta = You have got to be a fan to get this…

January 4, 2009 2 comments

Everyone knows that the movies made by Hayao Miyazaki is phenomenal, and the studio that he formed is just as phenomenal. I heard of the release of this double cd from my reader weeks ago, and to say that I wanted to get it was without any questions. Oh there is a minor feeling of annoyance, because after all there’s this cd that was release back in 1997 – but what can I say if there is the need to make money – hence there’s the release of Ghibli no Uta, with an additional ten songs from that original 16 tracks.

I purchased this the same time as I did with the Ah My Goddess artbook, and I am by no means not disappointed at all. I would definitely recommend fans alike of Studio Ghibli to get this cd, since there are the themes from My Neighbor the Yamadas, The Cat Returns, Ponyo on the Cliff, Legend of Earth Sea, Spirited Away, and Howl’s Moving Castle.

Inside the booklet are the lyrics with all of the song, pictures of the movie posters for each song, and original pictures from the calender releases that I see annually. The cd’s roughly around $35 and the Catalog number is TKCA-73381.

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