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[SMAP] Pielot = If you get the answer wrong or someone else gets it right, you get pied…!

Okay, last time I wrote about SMAP’s show, I mentioned that I would write something up on Pielot, and as I was trying to find a video on Youtube, I realized I was looking for it under a wrong term. Basically this is a segment on the show where three SMAP’s are with a guest. They are sat in pilot seats and pretty much listen to quickly answer for a question. If they get chosen and they answer the question correctly – their opponents which is usually the guest quickly gets pied with a plate full of whip cream. Consequently if they get the question wrong, they themselves get pied. There is actually a change for the players to try and defend themselves with a fan in front of their face, but the machine is kinda tricky…so either way the person gets pied.

I don’t know enough Japanese to know what the questions are about, but usually by the end of the round, everyone gets pied in the face.

Here’s a screen cap I took a while back

Goro yelling in disbelief

Goro yelling in disbelief

Here’s a video clip, that high light three guests that they had on Pielot, actually the second guest was the one I found the funniest.

Sure that is old school humor, but getting pied in the face is slapstick humor… easy to laugh about and have fun.

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