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Signature – Bling or fact?

January 14, 2009 4 comments


Okay, as I quickly ran into the constraints of real life… and too many things to do… one idea that I am consistently thinking about is signature or tags – I am sure people would know what I am talking about. On forums or emails, they are the poster’s id tag at the ending.

In terms of emails, I have a professional and an anime relevant one. With the personal email, I put up my user handle, and url for this blog. In terms of professional email, I have my real name and some networking sites I am associated with.

On forums, that I infrequently participate with, I have I have photo shop-ed some image, and used that. But if you were not really design oriented – what would be your solution? Also what kind of information would you put, and would you create a quote, banner or image for it?

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