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Response to Anime Nation’s Posting of whether there is a sucessor for Sailor Moon

January 17, 2009 2 comments

Since there is a requirment for the person to actually be registered to even comment, I decided to write a response here for this post made by Anime Nation.


Sailor Moon as stated by the blog entry did pave the way to many other magical girl shows to be made, but I know that those other magical girl shows did not share the same success as Sailor Moon did…

Mainly for these reasons, how many magical girl shows can you release to the masses, without it feeling really turned off? Also these other magical girl shows may appeal to a different type of audience. Also because I imagine that the Anime Nation post is writing for an American audience, this is a question to pose to Amercian fans…. how much competition will there be from American made cartoons?

Each magical girl show share themes of rescuing the world from great evil, but unlike action types – these will fall short of the U.S. audience.

Another reasons which the entry also pointed out, these  other magical girl shows have never had the publicity as Sailor Moon did, and there is only so much that you can appeal for the other magical girl shows.

Sure there is the whole group effort thing that can be easily seen in the shonen counter part of Dragon Ball. But even that may fall short of longevity. Now the reason why I would even pair up those two is because they were really popular as I was growing up. Dragon Ball was for boys, and Sailor Moon for girls.

There also won’t be a continuation for Sailor Moon, unless the animators want to kill the series off more than enough by saturating the market with these products, as Disney is remaking all the princesses or when DB did the GT series.

Still I also don’t think that there would be a real sucessor for Sailor Moon, but there is always the copy cats or other magical girl that aspire to have the sucess of Sailor Moon. There are also other themes to focus on, which seems to be prevelent for anime these days like the repetitious harem type anime or the mecha series.

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