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Figures wish list…

January 18, 2009 3 comments

Must stop drooling actually… well as an anime fan, I don’t really strive to collect figures because I wouldn’t know where to put them, and with my other collecting hobbies… I am seriously thinking of my poor account now.

But after months of staring at How a Girl Figures, from the time of that defunct round robin… I have made some tentative steps to collecting figures… and the feeling has been well ecstatic..

Been getting on the begging list for my friend in Japan now to start collecting them.. as of now.. the figures on my wish list are these… I would like to own all of the One Piece Excellent Model figures, but my poor bank account.. not sure if I’ll change my mind when I go to Japan though.

Also on my wish list is to get a Bonta plushie….from  Full Metal Panic.. but I wonder if there was ever something like that? Must look!

Nico Robin


This figure is a re-issue, and is suppose to be out May 2009…



Actually this figure was released December 2008, and it is sold out across the anime toy collecting sites I look at. Although my friend tells me that there are still plenty in Japan… I am right now just thinking of getting this new and in a brand spanking box.



Shenhua is a Chinese mafia in Black Lagoon.. I have in my mind of getting a Levi figure as well…. but take a look at how sexy Shenhua is! I am actually fainting when I look at this… this pose reminds me of a Michelle Yeoh image that I love… so Shenhua definitely looks dyanomite.

I have in my possession so far these two figures:



Basically I waited one year for Play Asia to come throuhh with sending this figure to me in the mail. It got to the point where I don’t want to order from Play-Asia after preordering this figure.



Oh I got this as a impulse buy at Kino.. isn’t this image of Luffy good… there’s other acessorie of it holding a knife/fork and meat with a smily face. Still makes me want to get an Ussop figure to match it up now. Maybe I’ll find the Sogeking figure.. hope that is the case.

Most of the One Piece models are part of a One Piece Excellent Model Collection, so they can get pricy… Caru, Luffy, Nami, Vivi, Franky, Zolo are also on my list to potentially purchase.

While the Luffy one I have, is a representation of the Mugiwara Kaizoku-dan as children. They are classed as Excellent Model Mild… and are therefore not as expensive as the Excellent Model, but no less good..

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