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Emphasizing on aspects of Convention manners..

January 19, 2009 2 comments

– La’Arc En Ciel: Link


As fans, there are conventions – but conventions does not mean you:

  1. Start screaming left and right at the top of your lungs about things being neat or cool – That’s why you go to the Con.
  2. Do not get in the way of guests promoting their reason of being in the reason, if they’re in the con for promoting something else, don’t ask them about their other jobs.
  3. Start assuming that you are superior to everyone else in terms of knowledge,  because that makes you appear to be an obnoxious individual.
  4. Start assuming that your fandom is best – because it is often not.. and yes I am referring to various fandoms, that makes the fan base pretty obnoxious – ie. Yaoi fangirls…
  5. Start booing, or being rude or insulting to the guest – if they didn’t plan the program to fit your needs… I remember assumption was done at the Yuri Panel last year at NYAF…. so that was a turn off.
  6. Respect the eardrums, personal space of other convention people around you.

Yes even though those are common courtesy.. that might be conveniently forgotten by fans in their enthusiasm to get close to their hobby inspiration… so this might be an early reminder for convention goers – under any convention attending agendas.


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[NYCC 2009] Okay information overload… and it’s not even here yet!

January 19, 2009 1 comment



Okay e-mail bombardment of press releases check…. latest press release is Heros star: Milo Ventimiglia going to be at CC itself..

Email reminders to update my sessions check…

Friend im-ing/emailing double check check…..

Twittering like mad…. triple check..


Okay… I am going to NYCC as press for JLHLS, but now I realized, from NYCC last year with TMR, what a publicity venue this would be for both American, and Japanese stars… this is making my heart go all aflutter… have to stop and focus… ack… >_<

I don’t care about the American/Western aspect of the con… but just news of Sakurai Sho going to be at NYCC is making my Celebrity watch radar go mad.

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[Announcement] Adding a WordPress add on…

January 19, 2009 2 comments

-This Ugly yet Beautiful World ED- “Natsuiro no Kakera” by Youko Ishida


My announcement is definitely not as grand as a fireworks display, but was trying to find a suitable picture.. for that glittery shazam! Well as a blog improvement, decided to purchase some space upgrade – so I did some thinking over.. and decided affirmative. So I purchased some space for music uploads… so here it is..

Now criteria for songs, are usually what I feel the song would give the entry the most impact, or what I consider to be my theme song for writing that entry, so be prepare for songs that are either Japanese, Chinese or English…

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