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Tags – what else is there to it? Some OT news as well..

January 25, 2009 5 comments

At this time, submerged up to the gills with library work and book reviews… hence my short hiatus for several days. I need to catch up with anime as well. >_<… Will be heading to NYCC next, so will post up a personalized review up here, as oppse to my professional reivew. Just words, that’s all.. also now on the look out for a new camera. Heading over to B&H in tomorrow…. back to the post on hand….


Now my question is, very simply – what do you do with the tags on your blogs? I usually have a hard time with tags in my blog, so I forego it, even though on the rare occasion I use it.. but I see so many other people using it…and this is actually of interest for the librarian in me to wonder about this.

Tags are labels, that people can find commonality with.. but what do you do with tags you use, a general mention o f them, or an obscure word, that you seemingly use only once? Take for instance the word One Piece as oppose to the 372 as oppose to the episode count, or 2008 for the year or NYC, as oppose to the location? But then what about tags like Luffy…. or review… or even hate or love?

I think of so many relevant terms, that I find it hard to want to tag a entry, and then have only that one entry with that specific tag… still I shall keep on working on thinking of broader tags to link posts together.. because, then what is the use of a tag cloud then? Especially in a blog like this?

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