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Learning how to write Japanese…

January 31, 2009 2 comments

– Enomoto Kurumi: Mirai Kinenbi

Struggles to learn Japanese… well how to read and write is always a desire of mine… so for the countless time… I am once again trying to learn Japanese, this time with the usage of tangocyou or 単語帳. Prior to this attempt, I have attempted with laminating flash cards.. that attempt got stifle…so I am trying once again.. to learn. Let’s just say it is difficult without the structure of an actual class, but I don’t know when am I able to go take the the time to learn a class… I lost my chance in my undergrad, there was speaking involved..but I got overwhelmed that semester and stopped the course…

I have gotten the flash card set from Asahiya for $1.50 so I am trying to pick up my pace with leaning.


Other solutions I have tried is to use an exercise book, that I have used in the past to study Chinese. I am actually lucky I can still find these books. It cost $0.40 from a bookstore I go to in Chinatown at Elizabeth Street.


Armed also with a pencil board… of the hirigana system…I hope to be more proficient in my Japanese language studies.

This is actually a good blog entry, for examples on tips how to make it more useful to study Japanese.  Another blog entry is this one, with mentioning how to structure, the learning of Japanese in a schedule.

If you don’t live near a Japanese bookstore like I do…Jlist or Jbox is a great place to get Japanese studying items.

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