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Thought on con etiquette on recieving a Japanese celebrity guest…panel or autograph?

February 28, 2009 Leave a comment


Okay the picture might not fit, but this is a thought that struck me, I remember reading this as a thread on the Otakon Bulletin Board.

The background is this, Japanese seiyuu’s, musical guests are invited and attending American conventions. This is a great treat for con goers… and Otakon has delivered.

Japanese guests, or convention planners would really appreciate fans going to their panels, as oppose to waiting for their autograph. Perhaps that’s an ungrateful sign?

Sure you can auction off the signed items, but if you are a fan you keep it and chalk it up as a positive con going experience.

My impression is this…. attend one of their panels, and then wait like hell for their autograph session, in hopes that you can attend both. You can meet and say thank you to the guest, with the assistance of the interpreter. It is more of a personalized experience than trying to stand out from the crowd in the panel.

I found my experience attending autograph sessions a little hectic, and trying, as with the chance to get the autographs get cut, if you arrive too late for that event, and my pet peeve on waiting and lines.

Still I would probably implore people to choose to attend events, when the guests are going, so that is a way to show support.. and then thank them in person, upon going to get their autographs.. as well as bringing them a token gift for their return home.. I believe it is a good reminder for Japanese guests to realize that they have an international following..  So that is my resolution for prepping for Otakon this year…. get something more thoughtful for a guest that I may be a fan for.

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Just a frustrating day..

February 23, 2009 4 comments


It certainly is not as bad as how Sanji felt… but I sure feel the same away. One issue…. Sure I finished one masters, but the need to get another masters is weighing heavily on me at the moment. Taking a semester off is quite overrated, and I just find myself missing the normalcy of attending classes. I just found out that the college I want to go to for my second masters, requires the GRE from every applicant. I kinda feel sick to my stomach.

I was very grateful that my first master’s college didn’t need the GRE, but now this college does and yep, a punch to the stomach. Well if it means to get that second masters, well to take the GRE it is..

Just another stressful time listening to my mom compare the  accomplishments and intelligence of a guy I knew.. who gives a *beep* as to his accomplishments, and how his job is paying for his second degree.. if being a part time adjunct librarian means that having a pay scale lower than my childhood acquaintances. I understand, but it is my personal choice, and not every one cen get as lucky….!

So if I have to put more of my own money to even getting that degree, well then it is the timing, location… and my not being able to find that job.

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Yelping.. and other miscellaneous events..

February 21, 2009 2 comments


Since NYCC has ended… work and other real life events have happened. Other than the normal series I am watching this season… my anime watching has cut down to only two series One Piece, and Ride Back.. everything else.. dramas… video games.. I am not really motivated to try and catch up with. Everything is really quiet..and nothing else is happening.

Online, something kinda happened… I began this account a while back, but if you haven’t heard of it.. it’s, a place to write reviews for places to shop, eat, anything that has a physical location, where you live you can review it. Neat isn’t it? So yep.. I am yelping.. somewhat..

Recently also thought and is edging closer to a final decision on a tattoo.. third one.. so not mentioning it to my mom, but figure I can grouse about it here. Very likely to go on the leg, since I like to tattoo that part of the body.

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Art Exhibit that I just went to recently, other than NYCC 2009

February 13, 2009 1 comment

Mermaids – Sineparade

Before I went to NYCC, on Jan 30 – I made a trip to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A part of Brooklyn I find myself never really going to, because public transportation travel to there is quite strange for me. It is like traveling to Queens from Brooklyn, which usually involves, traveling into the city, and then doing a a U-turn to go back into Brooklyn. Bus transportation is even more stranger, 2 1/2 hours and two buses. Alas car service there is around $20, so public transportation on the MTA trumps every other options.

I went to the opening night of an art exhibit by Alex Itn. My friend Javier was playing live music with his band, the Sineparade. This post is not anime related at all. Just a little tidbit of what I do in my real life. Other than the grumbling of my travels, the art was pretty interesting. Very modern artsy, and this is a definite reason why to go to Williamsburg, with the community revitalizing itself with art and music. I tried out my new camera, and here are some images that I took.

The exhibit is at the 17 Frost Gallery for those who live in New York City.

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[NYCC] Post-con Snapshot

February 8, 2009 3 comments


Okay, okay losing my voice.. but I made it.. and I am still standing.. I will write an offical con report.. but just wanted to do this quick snapshot of the swag I got, and a brief overview of what I did and maybe of what I learned…so that should be interesting.


  • Picked up my Professional Badge


  • Picked up my Press Badge
  • Got sidetracked by Sakurai Sho fan craze, waited for three hours on foot. Was not lucky to see him. Learned my lesson and for the rest of the convention avoided the big superstar events like mad – ie… Seth Green, Joss Whedon, Joshua Jackson
  • Attended two panels – News Flash Teen Girls Read Manga, New York City Through its Authors
  • Camera was knocked onto ground, by another person…
  • Surprised, but saw Bill Evans, Eyewitness’s NYC meteorologist.
  • Mindset of a professional


  • Attended three panels – Del Rey Manga, Yen Press, Disney Presents Up
  • Camera was knocked into and fell… broke, so some technical difficulties with camera.
  • Hung out in the dealers room some more.
  • Watched the only movie preview in Pixar’s Up.
  • Read Fujoshi Rumi Vol 3… *_*
  • Mindset of a fan
  • Ate at a restaurant with a friend


  • Went to B&H and replaced the entire camera before going to the con.
  • Attended three panels-VIZ Media, Kick-Ass Female Authors and Killer Heroines, What’s New At Penguin and DK
  • Mindset of a Press

Objects obtained

  • About 20+ books for review, will send to editor.
  • Three plushies of Tonberry, Moogle, Cactuar
  • Four telephone charms of Tonberry, Cactuar, Moogle, Chocobo
  • Full Metal Panic The Second Raid – DVD set.
  • Cute pencil sharpener
  • Blue Bentobox
  • Phoenix Wright Casebook Manga
  • Blue Totoro Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Princess Waltz Video Game
  • Portrait of Pirates Roronoa Zoro Figure – This was such a big purchase.. that my friends said I scared the dealers with my excitement.

Have to show what I purchased of Zoro, which was an unexpected purchase. Still on the look out for adding Robin, Brooks, and some other as well to my small One Piece figure Collection.


With my friend,there will also be a more official con report at JLHLS, but this is just my own thoughts for the moment. Pretty happy, and very exhausted from my recent excursion to NYCC 2009, but man are my wallets empty for the moment.

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[NYCC] Planning out my schedule for NYCC 2009

February 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Since I am a New York Native, I don’t really have to worry about hotel stay and all that.. but still need to plan out my schedule. Figrue I’ll do it here.. so I am armed with my handy dandy new digital camera… and a notebook and I am off and running.

This is still a unfinished thing I must look through and edit on… so it is still a wip that can change up to the very last second. There are also dealer’s room time that I did not put in.. so much schedule some time for that as well.

Read more…

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Final Fantasy X-2

February 2, 2009 Leave a comment


Ranting about the need to actually restart the game three times again for the unteempth time… it is happening again! The reason why I would never finish playing any of the Final Fantasy games I ever beings… darn it – my perfectionaist need…well that and the need to get thaqt 100% perfect ending. Well once again… must start. >_< … Will finish the game eventually.. must have patience and lots of save spots!

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Ergo Brief Review: Yin Yang X-Change Alternative

February 2, 2009 1 comment


I have never played any of the other games in this series, and wonder if I i’ll get spammed or censored for even mentioning about this game.. but it was an all right game. There were some memorable parts.. and 12 endings to finish the game, with the usual collection of images and movie screens. Some characters had multiple endings, while others had only one ending. In a scneario that was very much like Ranma 1/2 is the underlying premises of this game, would Kaoru end up as a girl or go back to being a guy?

I guess my favorite female in this game would be Sakuya while my favorite guy is Touya. Kaoru does have several endings and positions with these two characters. There are also a lot more other sexual positions or the other stories.. so let’s not say anything else. Next ero game when mood stricks again to play it would probaly be finishing either Absolute Obedience or finishing Kana.

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