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Final Fantasy and a PS2…

February 1, 2009 3 comments

All right after several days… well several months of feeling the urge to play up my PS2 again.  This weekend I did…well by mistake my Slim PS2 broke…so let’s say I had to go and purchase a replacement PS2 for the minute. So I stopped by the local Game Stop with my sister, and got a refurbished PS2. Nothing like those older models. I am reallyy not too keen on purchasing a PS3 or any of the 3rd Gen console systems, because there aren’t as much games as I like to play. So I prefer my PS2, and hope to play with it..for years to come.

So right now just replaying Final Fantasy X-2 from the beginning, since I haven’t played it since 2003.


Final Fantasy are one of those game series that I play, and well.. never finish. Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy IX, are those games that I would eventually like to finish. Do not get me started on Final Fantasy VII, for I fear I will not play it until I am done with those other games I mention. Final Fantasy X was the very first game that compelled me to get the PS2 in the first title, I believed used voices and DVD-rom discs. So let’s say that Final Fantasy X-2 is one of the games, I like based on how the story line goes.. it is pretty romantic…

Some parts of the game actually made me think of connections to Kingdom Hearts… and some sad memories to the first part. Now I have never finished playing the game. I hope to finish playing the game finally.

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