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Art Exhibit that I just went to recently, other than NYCC 2009

February 13, 2009 1 comment

Mermaids – Sineparade

Before I went to NYCC, on Jan 30 – I made a trip to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A part of Brooklyn I find myself never really going to, because public transportation travel to there is quite strange for me. It is like traveling to Queens from Brooklyn, which usually involves, traveling into the city, and then doing a a U-turn to go back into Brooklyn. Bus transportation is even more stranger, 2 1/2 hours and two buses. Alas car service there is around $20, so public transportation on the MTA trumps every other options.

I went to the opening night of an art exhibit by Alex Itn. My friend Javier was playing live music with his band, the Sineparade. This post is not anime related at all. Just a little tidbit of what I do in my real life. Other than the grumbling of my travels, the art was pretty interesting. Very modern artsy, and this is a definite reason why to go to Williamsburg, with the community revitalizing itself with art and music. I tried out my new camera, and here are some images that I took.

The exhibit is at the 17 Frost Gallery for those who live in New York City.

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