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Yelping.. and other miscellaneous events..

February 21, 2009 2 comments


Since NYCC has ended… work and other real life events have happened. Other than the normal series I am watching this season… my anime watching has cut down to only two series One Piece, and Ride Back.. everything else.. dramas… video games.. I am not really motivated to try and catch up with. Everything is really quiet..and nothing else is happening.

Online, something kinda happened… I began this account a while back, but if you haven’t heard of it.. it’s, a place to write reviews for places to shop, eat, anything that has a physical location, where you live you can review it. Neat isn’t it? So yep.. I am yelping.. somewhat..

Recently also thought and is edging closer to a final decision on a tattoo.. third one.. so not mentioning it to my mom, but figure I can grouse about it here. Very likely to go on the leg, since I like to tattoo that part of the body.

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