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Just a frustrating day..

February 23, 2009 4 comments


It certainly is not as bad as how Sanji felt… but I sure feel the same away. One issue…. Sure I finished one masters, but the need to get another masters is weighing heavily on me at the moment. Taking a semester off is quite overrated, and I just find myself missing the normalcy of attending classes. I just found out that the college I want to go to for my second masters, requires the GRE from every applicant. I kinda feel sick to my stomach.

I was very grateful that my first master’s college didn’t need the GRE, but now this college does and yep, a punch to the stomach. Well if it means to get that second masters, well to take the GRE it is..

Just another stressful time listening to my mom compare the  accomplishments and intelligence of a guy I knew.. who gives a *beep* as to his accomplishments, and how his job is paying for his second degree.. if being a part time adjunct librarian means that having a pay scale lower than my childhood acquaintances. I understand, but it is my personal choice, and not every one cen get as lucky….!

So if I have to put more of my own money to even getting that degree, well then it is the timing, location… and my not being able to find that job.

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