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Thought on con etiquette on recieving a Japanese celebrity guest…panel or autograph?


Okay the picture might not fit, but this is a thought that struck me, I remember reading this as a thread on the Otakon Bulletin Board.

The background is this, Japanese seiyuu’s, musical guests are invited and attending American conventions. This is a great treat for con goers… and Otakon has delivered.

Japanese guests, or convention planners would really appreciate fans going to their panels, as oppose to waiting for their autograph. Perhaps that’s an ungrateful sign?

Sure you can auction off the signed items, but if you are a fan you keep it and chalk it up as a positive con going experience.

My impression is this…. attend one of their panels, and then wait like hell for their autograph session, in hopes that you can attend both. You can meet and say thank you to the guest, with the assistance of the interpreter. It is more of a personalized experience than trying to stand out from the crowd in the panel.

I found my experience attending autograph sessions a little hectic, and trying, as with the chance to get the autographs get cut, if you arrive too late for that event, and my pet peeve on waiting and lines.

Still I would probably implore people to choose to attend events, when the guests are going, so that is a way to show support.. and then thank them in person, upon going to get their autographs.. as well as bringing them a token gift for their return home.. I believe it is a good reminder for Japanese guests to realize that they have an international following..  So that is my resolution for prepping for Otakon this year…. get something more thoughtful for a guest that I may be a fan for.

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