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Post JP and Hinano’s Wedding – a report!

March 29, 2009 5 comments


After a soggy day….

With a slight morning disaster….

Taxi cab ride…

Several glasses of drinks, that had the bar keeper arching his brow… (^_^) – Open bars are a temptation, but not four cups in less than fifteen minutes is what he thought.

200+ pictures later… (a lot still needing to be photo shopped or deleted as not usable)..

I decided to write an account of JP and Hinano’s wedding. As an account, and a personal narrative of this one person’s perspective to the lovely wedding. So if there is a mob of people wanting to say something else… just hear me out…! I am not sure if the couple are going to be writing a summary of their wedding anytime soon, as they are going on their warm honeymoon soon..

Following from yesterday’s blog, I saw on my stats – that 100 people viewed my small entry… so this is a follow up, for all those who were not able to attend the wedding.  I attended as a guest of the bride’s side of the family. With the permission of Hinano, I can post some general pictures, so I will be providing a slide show at the end of this post. Pictures do tell a thousand words, so enjoy the pictures that I can show. Daijoubu was also there, as a guest of the bride – so we hung out most of the day today.

This is my first American wedding, and if people know me in real life they would know that I am Chinese American, and from experiences, only have gone to Chinese Banquet weddings. Definitely an American wedding is quite different from Chinese ones. I believe I was eating from 12:00 to around 4:00.. right after the really short ceremony.

It was all quite nice, there was the Cocktail Hour, where lots of small bits of food were served, in a countless procession of plates, people mingled and did small talk. Then afterward came the reception where there was the main entree, dancing, cake, and more of the open bar. Open bars are not cheap, and I am sure lots of people out there can appreciate that fact, and this also was a wedding with no children present. During the dancing, and I don’t dance, there was the Caramelldansen, which was a pretty nice one, heard some of the people didn’t know what it was. This reminds me of when I saw it performed in Otakon last year.

So the reception was completed at 5:00 and so now, the happy couple are off on their honey moon. Was there anything I left out, sure but what else is there to know. Other than personally I was quite stuffed by the entire experience. So if there are any questions, perhpas Hinano or JP can clarify. I saw that Daijobu had already started to put his pictures up on Twitpic, my pictures are quite similar, but here..

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Congrats to Hinano and JP! おめでとうございます!

March 28, 2009 1 comment



This is a blog entry to state and a huge congratulations to the real life union of JP and Hinano. They are wonderful bloggers, who I have befriended, as I go on my route of reading various blogs. I first unofficially met Hinano from her Ex-Fansubber blog, and lurked there for the longest times. Then I met JP through her, and from that time of our first dinner meeting…

March 29, 2009 will be that day – and I am very excited.

I am really happy for you guys, and sincerely wish you both well.

So let’s just say, that you guys are taking that leap into a new adventure!

Life should be  smooth sailings for this great anime blogging couple, as they are taking that leap into a new adventure. Who knows what life will bring you, but here is my ご結婚おめでとうございます to the happy couple!

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One Piece: Binks no Sake Single

March 27, 2009 1 comment

Okay… I haven’t written anything on One Piece in such a long time.. I was so surprised to see this single in Kinokuniya, that I snatched it up along with other things, that I would definitely want to blog about.. as I do gush about things I collect, as well as any female anime lover can!

Okay so the single has six tracks,
1: Binks no Sake
2:Shiawase no Kuroi Handkerchief
3: A Thousand Dreamers
4: Binks no Sake Instrumental
5: Shiawase no Kuroi Handkerchief Instrumental
6: A Thousand Dreamers Instrumental

Binks no Sake, which is Brook’s favorite song… there is also Shiroi no Hankerchief, which is just funny. Wish there was the sound effects from the anime to complete the joke. Then the last song is a Mugiwara Kaizoku-dan group song, much like Ore tachi wa Family, to sing about Thousand Sunny and to reaffirm their dreams. Pretty happy!

Okay to order this cd, the catalog number is AVCA-29168

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Utada Hikaru – Sephora NYC – March 25, 2009

March 25, 2009 6 comments

Mostly been making some edits, and revision, so there are some updated content, and some more clarification.

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Fan = musing and examining?

March 23, 2009 3 comments


Perhaps this is not the right picture, well I hope the picture brings the thought of a thousand meaning for one image. I opted out the gender way of saying Fan girl or boy – because irregardless of that – everyone likes or is obsessed with something right?  Commercialism sure hasn’t help it, when it has created the fan in people.

I don’t think that I ever wrote about what does it mean for me, and which camps do I fall in, when anyone thinks of fandoms. I am a great anime lover, but I am also a lover of Japanese cultures – ie dramas, food, music, language, and am a gamer in some form.

I went through stages at points, and this was illustrated when my sister got for me recently a Shoujo Beat Calender sample, and I told her that I didn’t want it. Shoujo hasn’t really been in my radar since Ouran High High School Host Club, but I digress, and have to back away look at it from the bigger picture.

I also recently saw within the entry, there was the sake of gaming to give up anime watching. Now should there be a choice of giving up things? If the timming is wrong, or there is other responsiblities, then a choice must be made.

I can honestly say what position would appeal to me –  this was a criteria I mentally tallied up as  I make decisions to watch what anime series or what dramas. I am kinda spooked off by the harem series, and try to steer clear of them. I am not a mecha fan, because there are often too much details or politics that I find myself saying huh to?

I also don’t particurarly care for fan service, and could care less for what appeals to some type of fans – ie – Haruhi dance? I don’t particulalry care for the yaoi or yuri paddles. I don’t like the whole mentality of the Free hugs. Why would you give a stranger a hug – if you don’t know who they are, or what purpose is there?I like to give relevant matter of fact statements to inform people, and is trying to work on controlling my hyperactivness.

In real life, I am registered as  a Democrat, with a sense of what should be fair or not. Although recently I have seen things that make me think of life is unfair, so that makes me a pessimst who still wants to think the best of everything. Strange isn’t it?  Because of time, and life, in real life – I am often a silent supprter, on the side of pro-choice, and free love- meaning a support for same sex union. I support using stem cells for research, and is very steamed at the idea of the economic stimulus plan being used for bonuses. I didn’t believe that the government should have done what they did when they bailed Wall Street, and is in favor of the Death penalty for Madoff.

Back to what I meat as a fan though. I am a fan of plot, personlities, yaoi, yuri… and naunces of a million other things. To each their own, and what would appeal to you?

I would say, mentally conquer the world if necessary with what you like, but don’t be obnxious about it. Test and see what type of fans are people around you, and perhaps there might be some common ground there then.

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[Anime Girls] Kurata Sana

March 22, 2009 2 comments


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Blogging and Not Blogging – a question to ask yourself?

March 21, 2009 1 comment

blogging cloud

I can not think of a time when I don’t blog anymore. I would have to cite a couple of reasons for even writing this entry- one this and another from Google Reader librarian relevant links. To blog or not to blog, that may be a question to ask yourself, if you do blog?

Blogging is exploding so to speak with the other mediums such as Microblogging on Twitter or Plurk and even Notes on Facebook or MySpace.. so would you think there is a main purpose? You don’t even have to write a lot be consider blogging?  I may be going away from my purpose of this blog, but I figure it would be a good question to think about?

As for other reasons or even Hinano’s entry of where I hear a blog going on hiatus or people citing other reasons for stopping their blogging, I wonder if that is a good thing to give up?

I know I am probably a hypocrite for even spouting such a phrase, since I go on hiatus so many times, and probably don’t have that much readers, but I do make a good lurker with some attempts to try and comemnt.

Sure, interests change, and real life will come into play, but there are definitely readers, and even if there are no comments – to just write is to make sure you get some thoughts or information out into the world. Some opinion or some thing else. I would definitely say overwhem the world around you, and give information overload headaches to everyone..!  So rah rah rah go go go!

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Book Expo America 2009

March 20, 2009 2 comments


Anime lovers in my opinion would think about the next convention they would go to, may it be Otakon, I-Con, Anime NEXT.

I am actually excited about those as well, well for Otakon, but since it is so early in the Spring, my mind is kinda submerged with this con that I am going to next – Book Expo America, which is the biggest Book Convention gathering in this side of the world. A wish also is to eventually attend the Frankfurt Book Fair… well that and a million other wants.

The director is going to be the same as New York Anime Festival, and New York Comic Con, so I want to create some buzz about it, with my personal blog.  It is going to be a book/publication based event. This is of interest to librarians, or book lovers… so definitely keep up with events about it from this entry.

From a reviewer perspective, my editor was great to get my co-editor and I press passes. From a professional interest, my bibliophilic desires are revving up, and as a collector I am absolutely delighted with the prospective of knowing about what is going to be the in thing for books!

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