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Crunchy Roll.. please…. no thank you…

March 1, 2009 3 comments

Guess what I got in my mail box today… an offer for two weeks membership free of Crunchy Roll streaming anime..

This is how the email was worded out.. I was so surprised, that I had to take a cap.


I deleted the email after that cap.

I am right now mentally rolling my eyes.. Notice.. I am not a fan of streaming video.. and if I usually watch streaming sites.. because one.. the video is short is short enough for me to not care about the buffer time.. like youtube… and two because usually the drama or anime I watch on streaming is not available as a direct download.. now why the hell would I want to sign up with Crunchyroll? A site that has anime series, that I don’t really care for.. ie. Naruto Shippuden… nah.. no thank you.

I was reading some anime blogs like Omo’s or Shizuka, and some other anime blogs on my feed… and so far it has been a skeptical cool reception on my part. I actually liked Shizuka’s apt description of selling their soul to the devil to have to sign up with CR>

But I have to say this, if you are already a fan of streaming anime before CR happened, then enjoy.. but not everyone can accept streaming sites. I can only watch streaming media before I develop a crick near my eye.

Notice.. there’s also plenty of other streaming sites out there like Joost, or etc. But no streaming is not for me..

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Cancer and Alcohol…

March 1, 2009 6 comments

Texas: In Our Lifetime


Woe is for the fair sex… well bad luck for the female gender… grrrr…. This reaction blog is kinda late.. but arghh!!! I was pissed when I saw this news report. Another wretched reason for cursing out gender inequality…sure I believe that the male gender is a mutation of the female gender… in terms of chromosomes… but how is it women get the short end of the stick!

We live in a patralinial society, with rarely any chance for women getting the pay equality of men, unless you count of celebrities like Oprah or Brittney Spears who support their men.

The female gender has to go thru menopause, mood swings, feeling insignificant to men in terms of social standing.. don’t you think I don’t remember those skanks who I see in those paper think outfits in sub-artcie weather looking to get drunk and have fun?

Well I’ll still drink the same as I drink… and cancer is a risk that probably needs to be taken in order of drinking something. So I say “Ha” to this medical study!

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