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Spring 2009 impressions of Anime and Dramas…

March 12, 2009 5 comments

Well I assume some people are waiting for the Spring 09, and knowing the fact that I am kinda behind Winter 2009, I figure I’ll throw in some impressions, and anticipations; even though I am swamped with so many other things of real life.

I am learning about Spring 09 anime from THAT animeblog, along with impressions from Hinano and JP

This is my definite list of anticipated Spring 2009 anime:

Chi’s Sweet Home

What I would really consider watching:

Ristorante Paradiso

What I want to try, but would maybe drop within 2-5 episodes:

Souten Kourou
Eden of the East

The themes for spring as I noticed, are with school themes, harems, reverse harems. I noticed a theme for terrorists in some of the new animes.

Still thinking about the other animes to try and watch.

Dramas I get decide to watch, on what I see from Drama Wiki, so it’s a matter of picking and choosing.

Drama to try to watch:

SMAP male lead, with some doubt of seeing Aya Ueto though.. because it is his first drama role in a while, must see – if it is anything like the last movie I saw with him and Nakama Yukie, then definitely seeing him on his acting abilities.

Atashinchi no Danshi
Horikita Maki from HanaKimi, did not see her since that drama, but with Internet Cafe’s being considered…

Shiroi Haru
Abe Hiroshi and girl from Ponyo on the Cliff, nuff said.

Hyoryu Net Cafe

Watching Ito Atsushi in a drama.. try to… so maybe…

Ghost Friends

Paranormal romance, with probably a predictable ending.

Yako no Kaidan
Wanting to see fashion, and the blood thirst of females… sounds really nasty – but kinda interesting in a beautician sense.


Amami Yuki – strong female characteristics. Liked her character in Around 40.

Matsujun’s newest drama…

My Younger Sister
Nagasawa Masami and the plot sounds interesting.

Shaku Yumiko – enough said… she’s so pretty. Want to see more of her.

Noticing several police dramas on the forefront, with some mention of internet cafe culture as well, plenty of mysteries as well.

Tanpatsu are a tricky thing for me,  since it is an iffy if they do get fansubbed or not.

The only one I want to see on the list of Sp 09 is Kurobe no Taiyo  – since it has Shingo Katori in it.. but still a sketical thing.. hmm..

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