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Spring.. Tomorrow right?


I don’t really have a spring ritual, but I am always happy for when Spring comes, because that is the ending of the cold winter. While I was in college several years ago, I had several spring rituals that I remember fondly, but because of reasons unspoken, I discontinued with it. Although I look forward to picking it up again, either this year or next.  My occasional past spring rituals were these: purchasing a bouquet of flowers, singing June is Burstin Out All Over, and going to get tattoes. I am still searching for that third one..so perhaps..

What spring rituals would you have, if any?

Real life now, is getting swamped with things like researching epaper, thinking about the GRE – which is next month, stressing over other things, such as Japan and money. That and cursing out my luck on not being able to get that Shenhua figurine. I can’t believe I let that Japanese Yahoo auction go… it was going for 100yen as well.. T_T

I realize that I could have been purchasing things in Japan to be sent over to my friend’s place now. So must work on that… well compiling a list and not crying over spending $700+

Anime has been on my mind still. That and graphic novels.  I just finished marathoning Aria, and cried over that series. Still a stack of books to go thru and review.  Ugh such is life. Oh and I actually am experimeting and added an RSS feed from Twitter on the right side of this blog.

EDIT – Oh and actually if I protect my updates on Twitter, the RSS feed will not update.. I am still sketical on how much public life should I put here.. I am kinda uncesored or not on Twitter, that does has professional contacts.. but what else to think about?

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