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Book Expo America 2009


Anime lovers in my opinion would think about the next convention they would go to, may it be Otakon, I-Con, Anime NEXT.

I am actually excited about those as well, well for Otakon, but since it is so early in the Spring, my mind is kinda submerged with this con that I am going to next – Book Expo America, which is the biggest Book Convention gathering in this side of the world. A wish also is to eventually attend the Frankfurt Book Fair… well that and a million other wants.

The director is going to be the same as New York Anime Festival, and New York Comic Con, so I want to create some buzz about it, with my personal blog.  It is going to be a book/publication based event. This is of interest to librarians, or book lovers… so definitely keep up with events about it from this entry.

From a reviewer perspective, my editor was great to get my co-editor and I press passes. From a professional interest, my bibliophilic desires are revving up, and as a collector I am absolutely delighted with the prospective of knowing about what is going to be the in thing for books!

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  1. March 22, 2009 at 4:46 pm

    haha That’s a great logo 🙂

    I have not visited such book conventions, but I did like to visit some special occasions when many publishers presented their work. It took me hours just to navigate that all… Books = ❤

  2. miz
    March 22, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    I found the logo as I was trying to think of an apt description of how I feel with the upcoming convention schedule. As an anime fan there is Anime NEXT and Otakon or i-Con or Katsu Kan or Sakura Con, but I figure it is good to push for another type of convention – especially since I believe there will be a presence of graphic novels going mainstream.

    If there is ever a chance to visit Book themed conventions – make sure you blog about it! ^_^

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