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Blogging and Not Blogging – a question to ask yourself?

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I can not think of a time when I don’t blog anymore. I would have to cite a couple of reasons for even writing this entry- one this and another from Google Reader librarian relevant links. To blog or not to blog, that may be a question to ask yourself, if you do blog?

Blogging is exploding so to speak with the other mediums such as Microblogging on Twitter or Plurk and even Notes on Facebook or MySpace.. so would you think there is a main purpose? You don’t even have to write a lot be consider blogging?  I may be going away from my purpose of this blog, but I figure it would be a good question to think about?

As for other reasons or even Hinano’s entry of where I hear a blog going on hiatus or people citing other reasons for stopping their blogging, I wonder if that is a good thing to give up?

I know I am probably a hypocrite for even spouting such a phrase, since I go on hiatus so many times, and probably don’t have that much readers, but I do make a good lurker with some attempts to try and comemnt.

Sure, interests change, and real life will come into play, but there are definitely readers, and even if there are no comments – to just write is to make sure you get some thoughts or information out into the world. Some opinion or some thing else. I would definitely say overwhem the world around you, and give information overload headaches to everyone..!  So rah rah rah go go go!

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  1. March 22, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    To blog or not to blog. The answer is to blog, but the only question is what 🙂

    Yes, introspection on the reason for blogging is a good thing. Different people blog for different reasons. The better you understand why you blog the better the result will be. On the other hand, some artists don’t know why they do what they do, but that does not prevent them from creating wonderful works 🙂

    Sometimes people need a break from blogging and that is fine.

    The good thing about the world is that you are not completely unique 😛 As long as you express an opinion on some topic, share some news, or post something else, there will be people out there who share your view. They might not always comment, but keep in mind that your posts are always appreciated 🙂

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