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[Anime Girls] Kurata Sana


Kurata Sana is a creation by Miho Obana and the star of a manga and anime. She is an actress extraordinaire with some problems, but she definitely takes it all in stride. She is the main character from Kodomo no Omacha, or A Child’s Toy; it was one of the early English translation releases from Tokyopop, so you can say when I realized that the manga licensing was up for Tokyopop to continue distributing the title, I rushed to get all ten volumes.

One thing that attracted me to liking Sana was her hyperactivity. It is a similar attraction I felt for Arale. So this attraction transferred over for a brief period when I was in High school. One of my first blog themes, that was made courtesy of 801Megane, was actually a Sana theme.


I think this was also a series that stood out in my mind for several reasons.

One: This was the third series I saw kissing in it. I know that might sound silly, but after Sailor Moon, and Fushigi Yugi. It probably is not suppose to be a big thing, but it is and this made a point to stick out.

Two: This was the series also was the first to make me want to buy manga, and before Tokyopop’s version. I went and purchase the entire thing in Japanese. Then after the English version came out, I went and sold of those titles to Book Off.

Three: This was the first anime I saw in Japanese with English subtitles in my high school’s anime club.

Sana has a belief that the world is bright in spite of her personal fears. It has been a while since I thought about Sana, but this is definitely a walk in the past. There are many other shoujo heroines that is like Kurata Sana, especially the way she treats Akito, but such is the premises of a love- hate – not revelaing relationship. That can get frustrating, but that is also shoujo’s gimmick with character. When I first saw Shugo Chara with Amu, some elements of her reminded me of Sana. So even if the comparision may be off.. then so be it.  I just think that as a character, Sana faces conflicts that would mature her personality, but in reality she still a child, in a grown up world.


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  1. March 22, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    This girl looks quite energetic in that first picture 🙂 I have not seen the series, but I see why you like her 🙂

    I like texture and colors in the last picture 🙂

  2. miz
    March 22, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    Sure…! You should check it out if you ever get the chance. The last picture is from the manga.

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