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Fan = musing and examining?

March 23, 2009 3 comments


Perhaps this is not the right picture, well I hope the picture brings the thought of a thousand meaning for one image. I opted out the gender way of saying Fan girl or boy – because irregardless of that – everyone likes or is obsessed with something right?  Commercialism sure hasn’t help it, when it has created the fan in people.

I don’t think that I ever wrote about what does it mean for me, and which camps do I fall in, when anyone thinks of fandoms. I am a great anime lover, but I am also a lover of Japanese cultures – ie dramas, food, music, language, and am a gamer in some form.

I went through stages at points, and this was illustrated when my sister got for me recently a Shoujo Beat Calender sample, and I told her that I didn’t want it. Shoujo hasn’t really been in my radar since Ouran High High School Host Club, but I digress, and have to back away look at it from the bigger picture.

I also recently saw within the entry, there was the sake of gaming to give up anime watching. Now should there be a choice of giving up things? If the timming is wrong, or there is other responsiblities, then a choice must be made.

I can honestly say what position would appeal to me –  this was a criteria I mentally tallied up as  I make decisions to watch what anime series or what dramas. I am kinda spooked off by the harem series, and try to steer clear of them. I am not a mecha fan, because there are often too much details or politics that I find myself saying huh to?

I also don’t particurarly care for fan service, and could care less for what appeals to some type of fans – ie – Haruhi dance? I don’t particulalry care for the yaoi or yuri paddles. I don’t like the whole mentality of the Free hugs. Why would you give a stranger a hug – if you don’t know who they are, or what purpose is there?I like to give relevant matter of fact statements to inform people, and is trying to work on controlling my hyperactivness.

In real life, I am registered as  a Democrat, with a sense of what should be fair or not. Although recently I have seen things that make me think of life is unfair, so that makes me a pessimst who still wants to think the best of everything. Strange isn’t it?  Because of time, and life, in real life – I am often a silent supprter, on the side of pro-choice, and free love- meaning a support for same sex union. I support using stem cells for research, and is very steamed at the idea of the economic stimulus plan being used for bonuses. I didn’t believe that the government should have done what they did when they bailed Wall Street, and is in favor of the Death penalty for Madoff.

Back to what I meat as a fan though. I am a fan of plot, personlities, yaoi, yuri… and naunces of a million other things. To each their own, and what would appeal to you?

I would say, mentally conquer the world if necessary with what you like, but don’t be obnxious about it. Test and see what type of fans are people around you, and perhaps there might be some common ground there then.

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