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One Piece: Binks no Sake Single

March 27, 2009 1 comment

Okay… I haven’t written anything on One Piece in such a long time.. I was so surprised to see this single in Kinokuniya, that I snatched it up along with other things, that I would definitely want to blog about.. as I do gush about things I collect, as well as any female anime lover can!

Okay so the single has six tracks,
1: Binks no Sake
2:Shiawase no Kuroi Handkerchief
3: A Thousand Dreamers
4: Binks no Sake Instrumental
5: Shiawase no Kuroi Handkerchief Instrumental
6: A Thousand Dreamers Instrumental

Binks no Sake, which is Brook’s favorite song… there is also Shiroi no Hankerchief, which is just funny. Wish there was the sound effects from the anime to complete the joke. Then the last song is a Mugiwara Kaizoku-dan group song, much like Ore tachi wa Family, to sing about Thousand Sunny and to reaffirm their dreams. Pretty happy!

Okay to order this cd, the catalog number is AVCA-29168

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