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Waysided with rambling thoughts, and so what exactly is normal?

April 9, 2009 2 comments

– Doremon by Kelly Chan


Well been sick for the past week or so with a really bad cold. Got caught in the rain without an umbrella. That was not fun. Couldn’t breathe for about two days. No motivation whatsoever to write, but feeling slightly better now, so figure I’ll do a post.

I have not watched much anime, except for marathoning thru old series like Air, Gurren Laggen or catching up with what I can with Kurokami…so other than exasperated annoyed feelings for Gurren Laggen, and something like wow for AirKurokami has some potntial, whereas Rideback was such a disappointing thing. I downloaded the series, but will watch the anime later..when I get the mood. It is turning out to be  a series where the beginning had so much promise and other things got in the way to make the series drop off my rader. Military aspects make me think of some other things, and to try and rationalize Zac Efferon as the live action version of Souske in Full Metal Panic makes me think of other blood red things.

Oh, and have been playing more of Princess Waltz, which is an eroge visual novel, and I actually apreciate the plot of this game, it does not need the hentai parts in the game. Probably afterI finish the game, will do a more extensive review of the game.

I did reading up on the blogs so, and noticed this post by Peter Payne recently. What is Normal?

Normal is normal was my first thought. To not stand out is another aspect…. and being part of a group is a great thing are another thought I have. Normal is also built on the ideas to be similar to peers around you, so this is a very subjective thing.

Because Japanese culture is so small in geography space, and as a culture – they are pretty homogenous it is hard to try and picture waht is normal according to American standards. Maybe looking at the white man, and seeing what their ideas of fun is. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for other people…. wear the same fashion? But then you might be called a copy cat? Wearing professional clothes, but be called bland?? Is it the best thing to try and fit within a narrow frame of mind then?

I think that if you do things you like the best, and then see if there are similarities between you and others?

Being individualistic is a democratic ideal, that trying to pin point the American aspect of what is normal makes it strange. Rambling thoughts here… probably still not the best of thoughts, but definitely making some effort to write something.

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