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Genshiken Official Book Review and a Response to Ask John

April 10, 2009 2 comments


Okay.. spent a while typing up this review for JLHLS, so I will cross post it over here…. since there are some reasons why I would do that.

One: This is a series that I find myself thinking every anime lover should at least try to see.. this is akin to people getting into either Lucky Star or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Those are two series, that for the life of me -cannot get into. But to enjoy this slice of life anime, has its own rewards.

Two: This is a book I would try to give JP, next time I see him or Hinano. I saw that he had the other book in this series, and so as a fan of this series, would think that this book would have a better home. I blame the librarian in me, and with the way that my mom is constanly harping on me to get rid of books, what can I say – more space for other books!

Three: It is a rare occasion that I would even make the mention of my real name, unless I think the whole world is a stalker bunch. But my feveret desire to pitch this as a Genshiken fan must have – knows no bounds.

I could have easily thrown out the Japanator link, since my review is kinda late.. but with JLHLS’s easy schedule, and my identity as a reveiwer myself – there are times that I must roll up my sleeves to get on that soapbox.

Another thought on my mind is a response to Ask John via the Anime Nation blog. I read his blog on my google reader, and while there are sometimes of his posts that make me roll my eyes, and think of less polite things to mentally say, some of his posts make me want to get on a post, case in point, this recent post he wrote.


Obviously the question is from an American viewer who is worried about the trend of watching Japanese Animation in America on television, and John surely hits on the fact that so many anime bloggers, have blogged about the recent seasons of anime.

One thing I would have to say, is probably what I see with the recent release of Naruto. Not everyone is a Naruto fan, so I can only count my lucky stars that there are online fansubs for series I would prefer to watch. I am also willing to drop everything to watch anime raw if need be. To be a fan imo means more than having to remain in a comfort zone to see something.

But is there a necessity to try and reassure the public that Japanese animation will not be going away anytime soon? As a fan of Japanese animation, has it gotten to the point of not being able to search for the right answers on the internet.

I believe that if there is a way to see animation via Cable means, like watching it on that Japanese Animation cable channel, DVD releases from Funimation, Viz, or even the fansub releases, then that should be okay.

I can also recall two – three years where I took some break from Japanese animation, but as a fan – there is the fact that if you like something – then it shouldn’t go away as much as you think there is. One of my friends was saying that, even if there was something else that comes in place of loving more – then there are things that could push you back into loving something. I think the comparision is this, if watching a sports team, have a constant losing streak, then as a fan would you not pay attention to them as much? I don’t believe that is the case, but if you believe that your love of anime is drying up, then pay attention to something else?

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