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Amazon annoyance.. a late complaint…

April 12, 2009 1 comment


Okay this morning as I woke, up I noticed that Twitter was talking about it. Not really knowing the details I didn’t pay it much heed, and went on a Sunday walk with my family and friends in Central Park.

Fast forward to now.. as I checked my Google Reader, my friend 801megane shared this news with me, and as I got all in arms about it… Tiamat also said this.. so the thing blew pretty over, but I figure I can chim in some late thoughts.

This situation reminded me of a filtering thing, that someone probably thought it would protect the eyes of the “children” a bit more, with filtering the materials in question. That is censorship thought, and for people who censor without much warning, must be stoned and then hung out to be feathered and tar!

Trying to censor the web in a place like the United States, and that is not like China blocking the web should just be arrested for violating freedom of speech. It will piss off a lot of people, and that is a big no no in my book. If there is such concern about internet, then it is the responsibility of people in charge of the young to moderate… and as I see now. Amazon will probably back away from this, or face repercussion.

Good thing I ordered my latest Dale Lazarov art book recently, although yesterday as I was searching for Manly a book that I purchased from Amazon, it didn’t show up exactly, until I typed in the author’s name. Today as I search for the same book thought, it came up under the category of books. I was wondering what was happening, but until the “glitch” can be fixed.. we’ll see what happens.

Oh yep there is a link to explaining what the tag #amazonfail means. Thanks also to @moritheil and @Tiamats_reviews for filling me in on this issue some more.. ahhh the power of networking is really cool!

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