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Frustrations and a rant on the writing!

April 13, 2009 2 comments


This is a self-imposed writing rant that I am complaining on my hobby blog, but yes my frustration has no bounds. With the GRE test to be taken within a week’s time. I have not studied for that test, rather I have been figuratively tearing my hair out, and losing sleep. Okay my sleeping habits are regularly shit and out the window. All because of this one paper to hand into one of my library school professor by the first week of May. Seeing that it is Spring break now, the best time to write any darn paper right?


I see the same patterns over and over again, I truly question my skills at formal writing, and want to rant about this to the world! I know I can research fine, I have done that time and time again, but I always question my ability to not cite everything in sight that makes my writing a stumbling block! Informally, and writing news article I am good at, but I turn into such a gibbering ninny, that it is not a fun thing. I can only now feel a headache and an ulcer coming on.

I need to send a draft quickly to one of my friends to read, and look over – but why the fuck do I always do that! Dig myself into a ditch and stall for the last possible minute!! Frustrations and agony!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am going to go change that darn topic again!!!!!

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