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Episodic Reviews.. to do or not to do -that is the question?

April 14, 2009 2 comments

– Melody – Realize

web_surfing_by_transplantedyouthOkay inspiration for this entry was because of reading this entry. I have been reading enough blogs every semester to actually know the dedication that many animebloggers has, and this was one of my original reasons for starting this blog, but because of certain reasons I stopped.

One was because of some odd reasons – episodic blogging and the scope of it, messed up my Categories. Mostly it was my fault, I got too obsessed with trying to figure out order.. and that backfired on me. There’s still an open forum thread asking for support… which wasn’t resolved as I wanted. It got too much of a headache to try and figure out the answer.

Two  was because the blogging of each episode got too much of a chore, as I did those screen caps and impressions.I fell behind, and that was depressing. Blogging wasn’t fun then. Oh it can be like this, but then wouldn’t that block a lot of potential animes? Since it’s been a while, I have been going back to the older animes I never got the chance to see, and then rewatching them. Case in point -marathoning Kamichu at the moment for me.  However because I watch so many old anime on a marathon basics, keeping track, and trying to list them in MAL is one of the harder things for me to do. I look at that list occasionally and wonder hope people can keep up with updating that list.

Three was because it became too much to try and figure out what exactly is good enough to blog? Everyone is going to say oh you’re blogging the same anime series that everyone else is doing, so why bother? My solution for that now, was to go to various blogs and then comment there. It creates community that way. But I always wonder, when there was that one exact epsiode, would it help to blog about it? So reading this blog entry made me think of some more things.

It’ll probably end sooner or later, the Spring 2009 season, but I saw this and this and think of a possibility.

I am contemplate on starting again… should I or not? I do observe enough blogs and their ideas on categorizing the entries, to think about beginning it again. Otherwise there final impressions, but the bad thing now is that I will probably parrot a lot of people… so this idea is still out for the count. Will be contemplating on the matter some more.

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Some thoughts on Brad Rice’s posts on Danny Choo as guest editor. Warning on random thoughts…

April 14, 2009 4 comments


Okay one of the things I do online is to go and read of other blogs, and I noticed this as an interesting point, with the self-defined Otaku Danny Choo’s site is something I occasionally like to go to, and to see that Brad Rice was the guest editor for a week, that was kinda interesting.. and wanted to share some random thoughts.I kinda lurked there, more so than on Japanator, since commeting is something that I am working on.

Last year when I went to the New York Anime Festival, I attended this panel regarding about Anime and Manga Journalism, and I saw Brad Rice there, I thought he said the same thing he spoke about when he wrote about blogging, and what makes a good writer. Trying to have a voice, now that is kinda difficult. I myself had have that issue, but then I see that other bloggers talk about issues on writing.

Then another aspect that he wrote about in this entry. In regards to Hollywood bringing over any anime to film, Death Note should have a good chance, given its already live action treatment with its three Japanese movies already.. and if what he said about Sunrise being really strict with Cowboy Bebop, they better. That is another live action treatment I really have high hopes for unlike the treatment for Full Metal Panic.

His experiences on speaking Japanese here and here, is kinda of like reading this blog for me. I am going to probably have some more regrets about learning Japanese as what Koji Oe said. I am quite worried at the moment, given that my trip to Japan is fast approaching. If I can make it without my mom nagging me to pack, then all is good at the moment. Still I realized that as the time comes, I will have to take Japan as it comes. I probably won’t be that prepared to go, but since I did that leap – rather have the travel experiences to make it more handy for my will on learning Japanese, which I am sad to say that among many of my female friends like Aya, 801megane, Silent Death, Hinano, my attempts is actually not the best. A lot of things intimidate me, and learning Japanese formally is one of the top ones. Life goal is for me to actually be able to read a Japanese manga without being too old and feeble.

Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-up Bird Chronicle is also on my giantic mental list of book to read. I know it is somewhere in my apartment, but if I can find a space to display all my books, then I wouldn’t have to have live in this cramped NYC apt for years now do I?  I call this apartment a black hole, where I lose everything I buy into it. If I can find AJ Jacobs book before Book Expo, then I don’t need to go buy an extra copy then!

Exercise – something that is greatly needed in a lot of people’s lives. Now if there was more reason to get off your ass to walk – then the power be with you. Of course it is easier for a lot of people to write excuses, like self  than head out. I kinda wish that I didn’t chicken like I did last summer at Governor’s Island, with the option to bike. I still do wonder if there is a better option for leanring how to bike, without a need for training wheels. >_<

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