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Booyah! Dell External 500gb

April 15, 2009 2 comments

western-digitalAfter a long time, I think two months or so I finally got the 500 external in FexEx today. Originally it was sent two months ago, and UPS lost it, when their driver decided to leave it just at the front door of my apartment building.

Man was I pissed when I realized what had happened. After getting on the case of both Dell, and UPS. Finally Dell was sent out the replacement unit… now I need to put this to an end..otherwise I am not sure how my heart can handle it. I hate having to call and then placed on hold for such a very long time.

Oh well next technology purchase is probably going to be one of those Dell Mini books. Those look really sexy… I know I am not a tech expert, but I just love to buy Gadets… >_<

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Impressions of Saki – Episode 2

April 15, 2009 2 comments


Good grief, from the eternal blush to pulling out the Goddess/Megumi card. I am still very skeptical of continuing this series, but I can’t help continue with it. This is one of those series where the protagonist will go from feeling insignificant to discovering that they love the conflict, and then try to surpass to become the best.


Typical shonen plot, that had me wanting to smack my palm to my head several times, when I watched 25 episodes of History’s Strongest Disciple, before quitting the series, on the reason that it became too much to bear. Same thing that happened with so many shonen series, that I fear this will be the same path of Saki. This episode they showed the god like strenght of playing mah jong at the best, with these god like unbelievable hands – and then they reveal a sad background for the protagonist. Still a lot of barrier for those who don’t really understand the game, so technical details will be lost for those novice to playing the game (ie. self included)

I am not really searching for that excuse to cut watching the series, since this was on a mental list of mine to watch in Spring 2009. But man what a surprise.

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