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Preliminary Japan Prep Travel Notes I

April 16, 2009 2 comments


I have been hearing people tell me that I am lucky to go on this  trip, and I feel that way sometimes as this is a very exciting thing for me to do. This will be first trip that I have made solo to a foreign country. So definitely planning for this trip has to be very detailed. Trip to Japan is also not a very cheap thing, so will be looking to spend several thousand dollars.. not even counting the several hundred dollars I spent, mailing things to my friend’s place in Japan already.

First thing first, housing with the exception of several days. I have a wonderful friend who is willing to house me in Japan. So I am very lucky by that. I will be renting a cell phone in Japan.

Will also try to see some friends, if possible in Tokyo.Will also spend two days in Kyoto. Will be waiting for Kat-tun concert goods at Tokyo Dome, will go to Ghibli Museum on a Saturday. Will take lots of picture.

Thinking about the JR Rail Pass, but probably won’t do that. If Ido get the pass though, will be thinking about a side trip to Osaka or Hakone to experience the Onsen.  Hakone might be a separate thing though. These are thoughts I have now.. so might do another post or not.

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