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Preliminary Japan Prep Travel Notes 2


This morning was a pretty decent day. Enjoyed the Spring weather finally!  Today I had lunch with JP and Hinano, but before that I swung over to JTB and arranged for a Free tour to Kyoto for two days. That is like $200+ out the window already. My sister actually said that I am using a lot of money to prep for this trip. Possibly, but it can’t help, but try to be ready for this trip.Still trying to think about some things, but know this.. going to Akihabara for me, is going to be something major. Have one or two friends asking me already to get things for them.Will probably see some things that I will definitely want to buy, so this is my initial shopping rules and a tentative mental list of things to buy.


Will try not to end like this – but also take note that I am going to be a lone shopper, since my friend is going to be busy at work until the weekends.

I know in the last entry I wrote about this, Omo commented and said that this is fuuuuun.. in a sarcastic manner I think? I thought fun is when you get there, and buy things.. .but fun is not this whole planning thing. Ugh. I will probably be window shopping a lot when I am there.. ugh.. must not get into the mind scape of purchasing everything just because I am there!

  • No Japanese games, since I buy all my translated PC games from J-List, and from a high school sempai of mine.. and yes I am a female who plays eroge.. now this is one of the posts I want to write about, the reasons why – wondering if that is repetative. Why would I play eroge games. Heads up to my slight rant on some parts for Princess Waltz, because that is the current game I am playing at the moment.
  • Must purchase those figures, will probably be tempted to purchase some more figures… ie Luffy, Franky… (salivates)..
  • Must try to find some more merchandises for Chi’s Sweet Home, and other anime that I like in terms of stationary, pencil boards.
  • Must visit a Japanese library or find as much Bookoffs as I can stand to visit!
  • Must purchase Dr. Slump DVDs..rather also pick up the DVDs I ordered via Amazon.jp. I am really grateful from the bottom of my heart to my friend, who I am staying with and would probably see this link if I send it to her. I really miss the fact that I won’t get to see her cosplays this year at the cons.

Also trying to figure out if I should splurge money to go to an Onsen, but wouldn’t that take away money from Akihabara? Probably, but since my friend mentions Onsen Tamago.. I wonder..since I love eggs.. will I be able to get this elsewhere? Probbaly not.. onsen gun ho.. and good bye to more okane.. >_<

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  1. April 18, 2009 at 1:44 pm

    Sounds like you’ll be busy with all that shopping 🙂

    I am curious why you play eroge. I look forward to that post with explanation.

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