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Eroge Games – A female perspective.

April 19, 2009 13 comments

- Yume Miru Kusuri’s opening.


Okay the picture doesn’t have my entire collection of eroge, but it kinda covers what type of titles I have. I recall back in the defunct Female Blogger group blogging days, that there was one question, that tickled off a self-desire to want a follow up to wanting to write a post like this. It was either this or this or this. Not sure but I guess those topics are related. Or was it the fact that I read and reviewed Gay, hetero erotica? No matter, this was on my bucket of ideas to write.

Is it such an issue if a female plays Eroge? I do play the bl eroge, and have on my list several other non-eroge titles as well. There is that list I have on the left that says my list of what anime, doramas and games I am playing.

Now there are multiple reasons why I would play eroge. Sometimes I can be comfortable, other times I am pretty uncomfortable by this topic. It should be an open discourse in all matters of theory ne? Or should I blame my prudish tendencies? One of my Friday book store hopping friend always bears my wrath as I either poke or kick him, when he talks about this. Kinda double standard, but we have known each other since High School, and he’ s a great friend for putting up with my annoyance.

But getting off my tangent for the list.

One, playing eroge is the easiest PC games I can really play, plus it’s up my alley of being a librarian who read a lot of books. So text is not really an issue. Just time and patience is something that I face. Up to date now, I still have games that are in shrink wrapped, and have only finished 2 games completely.

Two, mostly a wishful thinking that some elements of it can actually be like an erotica romance novel. So far not really, but one can hope for that potential. I am more of the One true pair fan, so with the multiple endings, I do want to see which is considered the OTP pairing of mine. I do get to say at the end, which is consider my favorite pairing, and this is taking in light the sex scene. A person can dream about the pairing, no matter how odd they are.

Three, unlocking scenes. There’s that menu in each eroge game, with the CG or scenes. You can bet a dollar that I will skip a lot of the text, when I finished the game before having to go thru repeating the story. Plus some eroge games are pretty boring with some of the same long winded texts. There are also the consistent stereotypes that pervade games, so if one of my friend says “Ha” to me.. I am putting up a sign here as a disclaimer that I will consistently contradict myself. He questioned me last time why I was watching a harem anime, and tying this to the eroge games…isn’t this what eroge games are, whether they are harem or reverse harems or same sex harems?

Four, the experience and interactive sequence of the game kinda draws me in. Whenever I go to cons occasionally I have a set list of what eroge games I buy. They’re still translating them and I started to buy eroge when I was in college. After a lot of research from the various sites out there. I ordered my first set of games from Jlist, of which to this day I still like to order sometimes from. Since then I have found out that an acquaintance of mine do sell these games at East coast relevant cons to me, so I would go and support him as a buyer. Still trying to rationalize purchasing some more of the more hard core titles like Bible Black, which I hated the anime. I usually would prefer consensual and willing over non-consensual and rape. I hate that stuff, truly will and do.

Five, eroge, I believe are way better than porn, while a slight annoyance of mine is with the voices, this is way better and somewhat preferable than the real humans. There is a standard, and I think I can say that I like 2d a bit more than the real deal. I am not counting Hentai in this equation, and if I see my stats suddenly jump because I mention these taboo words, will probably smack my head and think arugh!

Six, as an outlet and as a female I believe we do have needs. There is not much female relevant material out there, other than josei  mangas from Luv Luv Press, which I do read – and think.. wow poor plot, with weak female characters and smut on every other page. There are very slight exceptions though, and all I kinda have to sigh and think here is another material that fuels the male fantasy. Don’t get me started on the issue that lesbian females are not meant for the private, and fantasies of the men. That not every girl would want to be your fantasy girl, or how porn, hentai, or even eroge games color it to be. One of my biggest grips is how often this market, as well as other markets.. hint hint to the Comics market, and this I recall back to when I attended NYCC and went to that female reader panel. There are female fans that would see this, and expect to receive some form of acknowledgment. I believe it is with my early exposure to some materials have me being able to accept this form of entertainment.

I will continue with reviewing, watching, purchasing and interacting with this type of genre, irregardless of what should probably happen. Eroge is something that probably shouldn’t be behind closed doors, and I do have this on my shelves… as with my large bookshelf of other alternative type of medias. As far as I am concerned, I will not be purchasing any adult games, or media while I am in Japan, so with all those Akihabara stores or even the Genshiken fan book I just read, it is not that big of a deal for me. The big deal is if I am able to get some limited items of other more general thing like cetain Black Lagoon or One Piece figures, then that would be all right for me in the world.

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