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Impressions of Arifureta Kiseki

April 21, 2009 2 comments

Translated in English as Unsurprising Miracle. Arifureta Kiseki is a slice of life family Winter 2009 Dorama. Of all of the doramas that I watched during the Winter, I focused on this series much more than Love Shuffle which I marathon through or Triangle that I gave up after three episodes.  I certainly didn’t expect to like this dorama the way I did.


But I did, and I am impressed of this dorama. This is a dorama of message and hope. The story begins with two people saving a third person. Then these two people met again, and a romantic relationship occurs, one that is pretty mature and cautious. Kana and Shota are the only child of two three generation families. Conflict occrrs as it comes out that Kana cannot have children, so it brought to my mind, the declining birthrate in Japan, where the old outnumbers the young. While both their family tries to cope, it was a time of watching the melding of two familes.


Their grandparents, and parents make wonderful supporting characters. My favorite parts were the different interactions between the two family. From the war surviving grandparents, and Shota’s grandfather did get long winded as always. It was an interesting mix to see the lives of the parent. Kana’s parents do have a loveless and companion marriage as did Shota’s divorced parents. It was startling to see the father’s cross dress.


Still Nakama Yukie is not among my top favorite actress to watch, but she was good in this drama. I liked Kase Ryo’s acting slightly more. The last time I saw him, or heard his voice was with Sky Crawlers. So seeing him act certain placed a face with the voice.

This is a dorama that also used Enya’s music from her last Christmas album, Dreams Are More Precious. So prior to Winter Dorama season, I was looking forward to listening to this song. There use to be a nice video on Youtube several months back debuting Enya singing the song. But it must have got taken down.

While there are some parts that would probably bore people, definitely check this dorama out that is probably targeted for the older crowd. If you want to see a ordinary dorama that is filled with character development and ordinary realizations. Boss is airing in the same slot as this dorama, so that is definitely on my list of Spring 2009 dorama to watch.

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