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Impressions of Saki: Episode 3

April 22, 2009 Leave a comment

So this episode began the conflicts.. and rivalry feelings occur between Nodoka who I though felt jealous for Saki’s + – ability. Not fun for Saki to hold out against Nodoka who wants to win with all her might.


Give me back those scenes of the players playing those mah jong games. That is my reason for watching this anime, just to watch the technical fantastical mah-jong hands.



I can’t say that I am addicted to this game, but following the trends of seeing a lot of the older generation Asians play this games, makes me really want to play it, but can’t so I follow from afar, just as I do with Go.

I was kinda annoyed that the reporter pointed out her big boobs. Then what type of anime is this, shoujo? Does this mean that in Japan, the standard is for any games manga or anime, that the target audience is for guys?


Still the sempai has entered their mah jong club into competitions, so let’s see more of those goddess battles, and with the characters winning and losing, eventually I guess this anime would bring about the message of the fact that the characters must go on, even if other enemies will be stronger than them. Next episode is featuring the cosplay situation.. >_<

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