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Overview of Japanese Bookstores in New York City Feature Announcement

April 25, 2009 2 comments


All right… I live in one of the most renown cities in the world. Well everyone should know it.. New York City. Now what makes this a great place for Japanese lovers? Other than the abundance of the Japanese culture things, like supermarkets, restaurants, clothing and department stores, there are the bookstores. I am going to be mentioning the three Japanese bookstores I frequent, and most of these places have branches in Japan as well. Those stores are what the tags indicate.

So if you are a book lover, knowing about these places do make time pass when you are in New York City. I have been thinking about this writing feature for months, and recently because of the spring weather decided to go out and take updated pictures of the bookstores themselves. I figure that as a frequent customer, I can mention what products they offer, and probably any of my tips for these stores. I do know that I can probably do this in, but since there are plenty of smaller reviews there, can do a bit of a cohesive review here.

So this is an announcement for a small feature of about three posts, with pictures, and what not. I googled these bookstores for a little bit and couldn’t seem to find much blog or web page activity other than Yelp to introduce much about these stores.

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