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Ristorante Paradiso – Low Self-Esteem picker upper

April 26, 2009 2 comments


My mood probably picks up as night time draws near. I don’t believe I am going to be blogging much about this series, but this is among my anime to watch this season. A slice of life anime without any frills or grills, as Random Curiosity points out. There always seem to be a message in slice of animes, that makes me like them so. A point made in Episode 3 made me think of my own life.

Nicolette said that she is jealous of other people’s lives, at the fullness of other people’s lives. That is a common reaction for people who has a low self-confident for their lives. and this is what I worry about a lot. It is a human sin to be envious. But if it’s human nature, it will happen irregardless.

Still watching episode 3 reminds me of what it is, and how often the truth behind a smiling face can be oh so different. Wonder how will this anime turn out.

Anyhow.. life is going to be going on, and I am always searching the correct answer on how to become more confident on life. Still working on it, but I know if I escape by watching some anime, then I can probably see what would happen. Then try to focus my life on improving in that angle.

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April 26, 2009 3 comments


I should not feel the way that I do… but I do.. I hate Sundays. I always find Sundays to be a wasted day, and with the heat we have this weekend. No relief.

What to write, this is one of the worst things that happen to me as a blogger/writer. Usually writing indicates productivity, but I can’t seem to write anything that is productive, other than type out these frustrating words of ranting. I have gathered information, but there is no spark to write.. other than get weighted down with thoughts of other things. Such as reviews…or trying to play catch up with either anime or doramas.Facebook and other things are not helping one darn bit either. Also trying to figure out which to use Flickr or Picasa.

Everything is tied down to money, and my spending of it. Sure if I was more frugal, don’t have to feel more and more worried about it. I just hope I won’t be depressed as I go to Japan. I can’t even relax for a vacation.

Either way… tomorrow should be better.. and did I mention I dislike Sundays?

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