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Pictures of my May 2009 Trip to Japan

May 31, 2009 3 comments

Okay a couple of days after my trip to Japan. I miss it, and want to go back! Of course the airplane ride was pretty not so cool.. 13 hours going to and 12 hours coming back. Complete with a screaming baby on the ride back. Jet lag knocked me over for the first two days or so, but with yesterday, it seems like it went back to normal. Thinking back to my trip though, I went at a great time, as my friend in Japan said. Right now it seems like it is rainy season in Tokyo now.. >_<

Here is my photo collection on Flickr

10 albums in all.. and if it gets confusing – start with:

Tokyo Batch – 1
Tokyo Batch  – 2
Kyoto Day 1
Kyoto Day 2
Weekend Saturday and Sunday
Courtesy of Rai
Monday to Tuesday
Wednesday and Thursday (Tokyo Tower)
Harujuku, Ghibli Museum and Odaiba
Last Day of Japan

Food in Japan was a collection of no particular order things.

So I think it is under Japan May Trip. Oh and if you want to comment, you would have to be a Flickr user, but if you have a yahoo account.. easily transferable right? I looked at Google’s Picasa and Yahoo’s Flickr and had to go with the unlimited picture dumping.

I meant what I saw when I said photo dump, so lots of images. Sorted out all the food images. Sorting out the other images would be way too exhausting.

Okay, I spent a little too much time taking way too many pictures of trains, food, ads, birds and architecture.

Because of my fascination with birds self-photography, I do take a lot of seemingly pointless pictures of wildlife. I blame this on my beginnings with taking pictures of crows in London.

Also as a practice tip from an acquaintance, he mentioned the validity of taking one than one shot of a subject to steady the hand. So lots of repetitious pictures.

Also lots of pictures of ads, since I happen to like watching Japanese cultures a lot. >_< Hence my love of some things, might seem a slight odd.

Also because of some experimentation. I pixelated some of the images, since the subject of the people were never asked if their pictures were to be taken. I had to do some measures of that.

Also because of privacy issues, my own image, as well as my friends are erradicated. I might put up some pictures on Facebook, but don’t ask me to add you, just because you want to see my mug. Nothing special. It is just that I went on a solo trip, so often my times visiting places. I didn’t get to get a picture of myself. There was lots of experimental shots though.

Follow the trend of my blogging in Japan, to actually piece together what exactly I did. Perhaps the photos can lead to some imagery to what I wrote?

Impressions of Japan Part 1
Impressions of Nakano Broadway = First day of shopping
Otome Road – a must!
Surprisingly an update from Kyoto

Rushing Off to Sendai
Busy Weekend – Sendai, Tokyo Dome, meetups

Monday to Tuesdays


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Conclusions of Trip to recap of last week..

May 26, 2009 6 comments

Okay fighting jet lag, but still persisting in writing this entry before my memory goes for remembering Japan specifics, organizing photos on Flickr.. Really want to hurry up so that I can share it with people.

Also waiting also for the packages to come in the mail. Maybe next week, so I can’t really do an inventory of what I purchased in Japan, until I get them all!


  • Okay made it to Akihabara again, and did not make it to Tokyo Tower.
  • Brought rubber keyboard, POP Vivi, and Uchiwa for Aya.
  • Bumped into some fellow travelers from Florida. Went with them to Shinjuku for a post office run, and then to Tokyo Dome again.
  • Once at the Tokyo Dome, the Kat-tun concert was still going in full swing – so many females! I was so impressed. Tried to explain who Johnny and what his policy was like to them
  • The Shonen Jump Store was nearby, so found this great Dr. Slump cell phone strap and One Piece pencil board.
  • After separating ways with those Florida travelers, went to the Okinomiyaki place with Rai. Had a craving  for Yakisoba… after watching the 4th episode of Higepiyo.. >_< Rai had an incident with her dish,while I believe I burnt mine a bit.. going to head over to Astor Place soon!!!!
  • Thought to go to Cold Stone Creamery for desert, but there was a free milkshake or is it Coolly’s day at Cold Stone, so the line was two hours + Tweet about it and spamfromjapan responded with another news about Ikebukuro’s line. So ended back at the crepe place near the Okinomiyaki place.. and had to cover my nose at the strong scent wafting from the Body Shop.. >_<
  • The weather was hot in Tokyo like the others days..


  • Finally made it to Tokyo Tower – very impressed, that I celebrated the sight of Tokyo Tower with a drink of Welch’s Grape Juice found at a vending machine nearby.
  • Took these shots of  black crows nearby.. and thought of Raye from Sailor Moon.
  • After a failed/success attempt at getting a tourist thingy at Tokyo Tower, I ended my time with going to a Baskin Robin’s at the Tower’s food court. Delicious Red bean  flavor treat!
  • During the middle of the day, went back to Mandarake at Akihabara to try and look for the Hojo Tsukasa 25th Anniversary artbook, couldn’t believe that it was sold already from the other day. Purchased Kamikaze Kaitou Jean artbook from the 5th floor Fujoshi section of Mandarake. Found Book off in the mean time, purchased an additional three artbooks from them. a B’s Log of Yojimbo, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Lunar Tsukihime. So happy!
  • Went to Nakano Broadway to meet up with Rai, used a coin locker for the very first time, and after a bit of a shopping, more pencil boards, and an extra puzzle frame. Also a foray into the hentai shop, had me aquiring the Princess Waltz Visual Fanbook. Okay warning, for shoppers.. ask, and you will be obligated to purchase the thing if it is the item. Wish that I wasn’t such a extravagant shopper. I love to buy almost anything I ask for. Ending up at that fast food curry place…
  • How I wish there was workable system of coin lockers in New York City. NYC in that aspects sucks and sucks big…


  • Mailed out my last package to America – yay!
  • Made my way to Harujuku, where I was slightly lost trying to find the Johnny’s Store.
  • Had a delicious crepe, since that seems to be a popular food item in Harujuku.
  • Found Johnny’s store, and couldn’t resist – brought a Shingo Katori Uchiwa. So many fangirls were there for Kat-tun merchandises though. Also they sold out on Arashi sad that I couldn’t get an Satoshi Ohno uchiwa!
  • Had omurice for the first time in Tokyo. Was okay.
  • Went back to Shinjuku for an attempt to find the Cold Stone that Rai took me to, but we didn’t make it to eat there last time. After two hours of getting lost – jumping from Department store to department store. Rai mentioned that Cold Stone was at Lumine. So I went thru Lumine 1, and then thru Lumine 2, where I finally found information, and learned that Cold Stone was at Lumine EST. There was three huge Lumine >_< . Found it and enjoyed a Peachy Cheeky limited flavor.. god it made me want to expect more in the U.S’s Cold Stones, but you can’t have it all.. so a second trip to Japan is needed to be planned for soon!
  • Made it back to Rai’s place to drop off some things, found my way outside..where I purchased a magazine for a free mirror. Gave the magazine later to Rai’s roommate.
  • Thought to meet up with Rai to find out that we’ve missed each other, so we then met again to go to Nakano Broadway. Had Sushi Kaiten for the second time.. really good stuff.. that is.. the place was slightly pricey than the first restaurant, but the cuts were a lot better.


  • Made it to Ghibli Museum, and went slightly nuts in the gift shop.
  • The Museum has a very strict policy on no photos inside, so went to take lots of pictures outside.
  • Went to Odaiba after wards to meet up with Rai’s roommate.. got to take this really cool monorail! That went 360 degrees and I was like wow! It was also the place where Fuji Television has its building, and really wonderful shots of the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower in the far distance. Had a terrible time with taking good pictures, as my camera sucks when it comes to night shots. Saw something being film nearby, and wondered what it was. Rai’s roommate and I were speculating if it was a dorama or not.
  • Ate at the food court, where there was a decent soba dish, was not feeling very full, so went to the McDonald’s next door for an Ebi burger, then had a delicious crepe for desert. The food court closed while w were still there, but we still ended up with my only time at Starbucks, where I ordered the customary Passion Tea, as it was summer, and pretty late for coffee.


  • IT LITERALLY POURED!!!!!!!!!!!!! After days of really hot summer weather, it rained, and man did it rain!
  • My feeling is that Tokyo never sleeps. The shops, rail and places were all very crowded still. Made a trip to Ikebukuro to Animate, and K-Books.
  • Ate a late lunch at Milky Way, with a much more taster dish of Omu Rice, and another Carmel flavor parfait. Was planing for Yakiniku for one more time, but turned out to be too much food and goodies to handle. So will have to go do Yakinuku in the Village in NYC.
  • Rai and I went out for bentos at the local supermarket, and were literally covered in water. My shoes, socks, pants were all soaked. Rai’s pants was literally drenched with water. It was not fun at all, as I felt like a cranky chicken or cat for no reason at all. Storms are not fun!


  • My last day in Japan.. >_< I really enjoyed my stay in Tokyo, and thankfully that Rai was able to put up with me.
  • The day came, and I had to go to the coin laundry to dry my clothes, soaked from the night before. More importantly, the sneakers, had to be dry by the time I go to take the plane.
    So I spent the morning drying the clothes, and then rushed off with my luggage to catch the Narita Express. I thought I was going to miss it or something.
  • When I finally got to Narita express, thank good things went smoothly. I was on the plane on time, and awake for 12 hours. There was a screaming baby nearby, which is unfortunate, but thank god I am not the parent. So bad for them to put up with the crying, and embarrassment. The line at customs was also long. Forgot that it was Memorial Day weekend. Went to have Tex-Mex for dinner afterward.

So that is my vacation in Japan in a very long winded nutshell.. still working on editing my 1000+ photos that I took on Flickr.. also expect some posts on shopping insights from moi.. and an inventory of what I purchased. I forgot to do an inventory when I was mailing the… >_<

But as Moy and The Big N did post before. I believe I stayed with my budget.. what a wonderful shopping excursion this turned out to be.. ^_^

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Monday to Tuesday – Akihabara and Getting Lost in Hibiya Station

May 19, 2009 2 comments

Ahhh Shit! I spent an hour working on a post and poof I deleted it by mistake… fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

So main points, since I believe that if I try to retype the entry.. will annoy me nevertheless.


  • On Sunday, received package from Kyoto – huge. Sent it out on Monday – by mistake walked past Rai’s post office so when to another post office 15 minutes away, and man was the thing heavy. Postage was also.. >_<
  • Went to Akihabara, got off at the electric side of the town, which was so-so, need to go back to Akihabara. Planning to get a rubber keyboard for my netbook though.
  • Took pictures of store maps, but Japanese people must have photo phobia. Two Japanese men besides me were scare when I took pictures, tried to reassure them in my bad Japanese. Heard them said – “Wow that really scared me for the moment.”
  • Met up with Rai at Ikebukuro – fell in love with Animate. Could not resist brought more things.
  • Ate at Lotteria, which is a Japanese version of McDonald’s – soda tasted really funny – chemicals.
  • Went to Milkly Way again… don’t know how I will survive once I get back to the U.S. Japanese deserts are the best!


  • Made my way to post office with three boxes. A police officer assisted me with bringing one of the boxes, after he saw that I was having issues with carrying all three of them. I am actually ignoring the postage rates, but kinda nervous at the moment for the cost. Need to go and maybe get some more money actually.
  • Went to Asakusa, where the scene definitely reminded me of doramas I watched. Especially that pagoda, from Ando Natsu!
  • Wanted to go to Tokyo Tower as well, but got lost at Hibiya Station. Found the Hibiya Library, but damn it – the place was also closed as well.
  • Went to Shinjuku Station, where I found my way to Kinokudniya. I should have taken my coworker’s advice and brought more books.. >_< Still Kino is actually becoming my favorite bookstore in Japan to go to – they actually have English books.. T_T – Sad isn’t it? Not counting K-books or Madarake or Bookoff, but cannot understand Japanese, so other than accessories to get.. you get the picture.
  • Rai went to Ikebukuro yesterday as well, following Sunday’s outing to get a plushie she saw on Sunday.
  • We went to eat kaiten sushi, which is conveyor belt suishi! I love it! So cheap, and good! After watching the 4th episode of Higepiyo though, I realize that I have yet to try Japanese Yakisoba.. so must go and have some.. will probably spoil my taste buds though.. how can I cope when I go back!
  • Prepped two boxes to mail on Wednesday. Rai lives with two roommates – French and Japanese females. Really nice people. Hard time to speak with Japanese roommate, better time to speak with “Nishi-loving French roomie” and this is in Rai’s reference. Aya will have a better time speaking with them. Because they like JE’s and aspects of Aya’s fandoms. I am in their words more like Rai, which is ero and bl-loving. Scared them with my bara ero manga… as I was prepping to mail it. Actually am pretty nervous about the shipment today. Hopefully it makes it to the U.S. in one piece!!!!! Hope Hope Hope! Shoot should have brought a charm for safe travels at Kyoto!

It is Wednesday morning now – Japanese time.. will today try to go to Tokyo Tower today, and then Akihabara – then to meet up with Rai at Shinjuku again!

Japanese wishlist in no order

Bento box supplies – especially onigiri supplies

Sailor Moon Artbooks #3-5
Nino Uchiwa for Aya
Rubber Keyboard.

Days to go back to the US: four to five more days.. T_T

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Busy weekend… Tokyo Dome… Kyoto.. Lunch at Sendai and meetups!

May 17, 2009 2 comments

Sure has been a busy weekend.. right now writing because I want to at least be able to remember what happened on my trip. My hours in Japan has been weird, and I have been quite exhausted still.. so jet lag is definitely an issue.

Back to Friday at Kyoto – the night before I went to the bar where I yakked the bartender’s ear off. The scene definitely reminded me of Bartender, and the screwdriver I had was all right.. only 1100 yen. I was also up at around 4-5am Japan time the next morning, mostly because I couldn’t sleep. I did try to sleep..>_< … I left the hotel at around 7:40am or so and caught the local bus to Kinkankuji-Michi.. I thought that this would be the better way to walk to Ryoanji and what a mistake it was. Well I was referring to this site as a location for itinerary. I walked for 20 minutes, and I saw the same bus on the same route, so the thing I learned was that – there was a closer stop to Ryoanji. Ryoanji is well known for its rock gardens.. but what kinda stinks is that there was constructions at some parts.. so that was that. Then I walked back to Kinkankuji – which is the Golden Pavilion. It was pretty neat.. there was some kami statues where you threw a coin, and I imagine if the coin hit the kami’s bowl then your prayers can alert the kami for that blessing.

I got stopped by a group of students who wanted me to take their pictures.. and like at Fushimi Inari, I kinda went nuts on buying charms. I am a believer on luck and karma, so yep. I choose to believe that option rather than go to church. Personal reason. Also got pretty intrigued by the tourist food things. So was convinced to purchase some more food. But the question is whether or not I would really want to eat the issue.

After wards I went out, and took an extra side trip to visit Seimei Shrine. This was actually a travel tip provided by Gia under AnimeVice, so I took her advice.. and went there. She also advised on Fushimi Inari, which was heeded with. ^_^

Semimei Shrine was small, but interesting – kept thinking of hocus pocus things, as I believe the shrine’s symbol was a red star. Relevant to anime in aspects of Shonen Onmyouji, an anime that is on my to be watch list, someday…. just so many things to do.

Did I mention that there was a lot of students on their field trip? Well there was. Also one thing I learned was that on May 15, it was Kyoto’s annual Aoi Matsuri. I missed it though, as I was doing my own touring.

Then I made a resolution to go to Tetsugaku no Michi! I got there, and it was really short! I got distracted by taking plenty of pictures of ducks in the canal there, then went to have some lunch. Kyoto is well known for its soymilk, so tried a fried soymilk, yummy! Soba with a type of mackerel, and definitely tofu. Really delicious. Looking back at the time though, I realized that I over estimated the time, and had to call a cab, which was a new experience. Still I missed my shinkansen, and was delayed an hour or so at Nagoya. Long story short.

Got back to Tokyo in relatively okay timing.

The next day woke up early to go to Sendai to meet up with a friend, who I shall refer to as Meek. This is opposite to what my impressions of, so I guess it’s a play on her email. ^_^ Meek is one of my friends who I met on a random moment, and hit it off. Luckily she’s in Japan now, in a situation that is similar to Rai. So I was so happy to see her! I had my first experience of the Onsen Tamago. Wished that the Onsen Tamago came like this, but as Meek said – only one place in her experience that would sell them separately. So the experience was this, the tamago was slightly salty, silky and just delicious!

Then for desert we headed over to this cafe, where the deserts were and are divine! I was happy that I spent some time with Meek.

Getting back to Tokyo, I once again missed my Shinkansen. Thank god, Japanese transportation is so rapid! Quickly caught another one after it, so travel wasn’t as bad. Made my way over to Tokyo Dome, where yes there was the Kat-tun concert. I got things that Aya wanted with a slight mix up on the quantity, quickly and met up with Rai. We made it to Shibuya on a Sat afternoon, and I got to see my first Bookoff, I purchased a Utada Hikaru’s cd! As well as the Shibuya Madarake, where I went slightly nuts on the pencil boards. Slightly before Shibuya, we stopped at Harujuku for a bit, and Rai showed me the Johnny’s store. The wait period for the next crowd of people was at 6pm. >_O and it was at around 3pm in the afternoon. I still need to find that Uchiwa for Aya, not sure if it is possible thought now. But still very hopeful!

Then at nighttime, met up with her roommate for Yakiniku! For a fixed price and only 90 minutes, it was buffet style where one can yakiniku to their hearts content! So that was great! I couldn’t eat past three plates though, but Rai was great, she ate nine plates. Also had my first drink with Japanese alcohol, because of lack of sleep, definitely got really tipsy… how embarrassing! >__> I made it to where he lived in a timely manner, and had a delicious lunch. There was hand rolled sushi! The ume was also very good, and homemade. So my first Japanese home cooked meal! Oishi! His wife couldn’t speak that much Japanese, but it was fun, along with his son, who was so very young.

After that, went back to Tokyo, and spent a Sunday afternoon lazing around with Rai. We went to a Fast food Curry Restaurant after that, with desert at a Cafe near Rai’s home! I wish the temperatures would be slightly better, but all is well! Picture update – because of the sheer amount, plus tagging, and titling.. have been uploading steadily to Flickr, but not really to show the world just yet.

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Rushing to Sendai!

May 15, 2009 1 comment

Okay yesterday getting back from Kyoto was a rush. Yep so this morning going to Sendai to meet up with a friend for lunch…most likely at the Train station only… how rushed can that get.. so in a one day trip to Sendai and then back, because of timing. Went to Madarake again yesterday.. couldn’t seem to bring myself to purchase that Shanks figure.. and then couldn’t find that Uchiwa for Aya, so have to go elsewhere. Have to blog more about what exactly happen on my Kyoto trip… tonight.. also heading to visit a college Japanese friend tomororw.. gosh feeling kinda excited, since I haven’t seen him since Oneonta, and in that time he got hitched and has a baby.

Ack I just remember I have to go to Tokyo Dome sooner or later..

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Surprisingly a text update from Kyoto!

May 14, 2009 3 comments

Okay other, than my grip about the keyboard, and probably typos because I cannot find the symbols correctly. This is my first day at Kyoto. I woke up at around 5:11am Japan time this morning after only 4 hours of sleep. Got back to Rai`s place at around 10pm.

So I went to Tokyo Station and transfer over to the Hikari Superexpress… before that though, I got a bento box to eat that I see so often in doramas or anime. Rode the Shinkansen, and at first thought that I was in a bubble. The train went that fast. Missed out on seeing Mt. Fuji, but got pictures and pictures of the landscape.. the shinkansen went too fast and I missed out on taking some really interesting images like graveyards, a water mill in the center of a field.. etc. etc. etc. Am right now running on sheer will… and just going as the scenery was way too exciting to even think about anything else. Also sat next to a Ninomiya Kazunari look alike, I really thought it was him, imagined Aya would be so excited… but I do not believe it is him though. Still was too nervous to speak really well, so yes I am one of those clueless American tourists, making gestures, and asking `Eego?` whenever I have to speak with a Japanese person and really simple Japanese phrases.

Got to Kyoto at around 9 something am. Purchased a 2day pass, kinda like Suica for the local Kyoto public transportation. Was lost trying to find my way around Kyoto Station for a little bit, then I went to the Fushimi Inari Shrine on the JR line… stayed there for about an hour.. purchased a lot of charms and a plaque. Then went back to Kyoto Station where I then went to Bic Camera and purchased an SD card for my camera.. yes I worry about running out of space.. and with 400+ pictures today. I rather be safe than sorry.

Then took the bus to Kiyomizu Temple, which is known for being a god to bless love and relationships. And ohmygod the hike.. it went uphill! The scenery was quite interesting in the architecture, but I thought I was going fall over or something. Also Kyoto as I remember is a big place for school`s to go field trips on, and that that proved my point. So many students!!!!! Even the hotel I am staying at for one night, has so many students.. so uncanny.

Afterwards because I was trying to cover a lot of space in one day, I thought I can walk Eastern Kyoto – big mistake. I was only able to see Gion today, and that was it… I noticed a Studio Ghibli store.. the first one.. and I had to go over.. big mistake.. I purchase two puzzle frames and a new puzzle again.. this is all going to be mailed to Rai. No way was I going anywhere with all these things. Need to see if Jilly won:t kill me, for sending her huge boxes of things. It is also not going to be cheap… so with the loose way I spend money. I better take heed of a sensible budget. I spent close to an hour there, and then afterwards foudn something else to purchase. The places were akready starting to close, so I made my way to the bus stop, where I was promptly squashed like sardines in a can. If you think that NYC rush hour was crowded, this was ten times worse with a high schooI never thought I:ll see the day. Sardines in a can, and this is so true, that I can weep thinking about how much people there was.

So I went back to Kyoto Station, where I had dinner of soba,and Udon noodles, with Inari Sushi, So then I left and came to the hotel. Now tomorrow, trying to leave the hotel early, so that I can beat the crowd, and visit the Kinkakuji Temple, and Royan-ji Temple, with a trip to Tetsugaku no Michi. Then in the afternoon back to Tokyo, where I will try to meet up with Rai near Tokyo Tower?

Who knows….

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Otome Road – a must for all Boy Love fangirls!

May 13, 2009 1 comment

Well after a pretty fast paced afternoon. I made it to Shinjuku to go to the JR station to pick up tickets for Saturday’s trip to Sendai… then I went to the bank and after the post office. Also because of Aya’s request, I tried to go to search for Like An Edison, this I know is the place for JRock concerts..

This is where I want to say that Shinjuku is such a hard place to navigate.. I don’t understand why is that the case? Manhattan is pretty easy to navigate, but Shinjuku nah.. I got lost three times today.. >_<

I got so lost, kept asking Information desk staff, and Police officers where certain directions were…that it was like toward 4:something – when I thought that this is it. Had to give up, otherwise I’ll be late with meeting up with Rai. Also got slightly lost trying to find the JR station from the Tokyo Metro, but must work on mastering it, because will be heading to this area frequently to transfer!

Met up with Rai, and then met up with her other friend, Fighter as she refers to her. We went to the places where any boys lovers should go. The Otome Road at Ikebukuro, which was like four to five stores. Three of which were K-Books, one Madarake, and the last one was Animate. Unfortunately didn’t get the chance to go to Animate, since it was closing. Must go to Otome Road again!

I also went and purchased a lot of things today. Several anthologies of bara, an Okane Ga Nai artbook, puzzle, several One Piece doujinshis’s, a Zombie Loan pencil board and a Nyanko-sensei plushie. Ahhh life is neat that way. I love bara, and rarely see it… let’s see what is bara? I wrote a blog entry about it a while ago.. sounds fetishie.. but ahh!! IF they have Yaoi puzzles then everything is right in my book!

Since the time was growing late, we went to eat dinner quickly at a Raman place…which had a ticket machine outside, like a drink machine. Had that, and then afterward – passed by this Parfait place.. of course we couldn’t resist and went in for a sweet desert. It was really pretty, and good, but I couldn’t really finish mine.. so then after wards Rai and I went back. Need to go to sleep in the next couple of minutes.

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Mid day post – planning for Kyoto

May 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Okay done with laundry.. and just planning itinerary to Kyoto at the very last minute.. and lemme just say.. hard work! You can never plan enough.. so I plan plan and Plan!!!! I want to go to these places in Kyoto, so that is a definite. Golden Pavilion, Philosopher’s Walk, Zen Rock Gardens, Gion, and Inari shrine with those gates!

Kyoto, other than Tokyo is my dream spot to go to as well.. because you get to see Geisha’s and Maiko’s in person there, plus the strong tradition of Japan is an absolute dream. I was really fascinated by geisha culture in high school, and then Shinto/Buddhism during college. Still, my grandma would say that the temples is boring, but I have never really been to an temple, so it is interesting for me. God I wish I can speak to her! Well I am calling her now on Skype! She’s my only relative that went to Japan, so that was interesting.

Plus I can always think about the lessons I took in college. I am so grateful to Professor Mills.. that learning about Cultural geography is a high light of my life.

Photo update: I am getting photos ready for Flickr so that would be on I will be twittering about when photos are ready to be seen!

Ugh now have to head over to Shinjuku.. so have to do that.. going to visit Sendai on Saturday for a one hour meetup with my friend.. and then going to go and visit Like an Edison for Aya.. god feeling like a gopher for her.. but don’t get me wrong.. it makes purposes to visit places.. so I won’t feel like wow- why did I visit this place – other than that it is visiting Japan? ATM situation is kinda annoying me at the moment, but will try to surpass it!

Oh and FYI – other than my times at Rai’s aparto – I don’t have much contact with people.. well people can call me at the cell phone I am renting for use. I placed a wall message on Facebook about that.. and will not be bringing my laptop with me to Kyoto.. so other than one more update tonight.. won’t update until Saturday.

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