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Moving some episodic blogging over to Yoroshiku.. >_<


Do not mind my really crappy Paint drawing. I am not smoking anything, or drinking anything that would impair my decision making skills. Okay my skills are even worse than Daijoubu, but ran out of ideas on what makes a good image to attest to my feelings.

Okay since I messed up the category listing for better words on my wordpress.. and WordPress has left me in the dust.. and copping out with ideas on what to write.. I have to say this – Must move onto maybe some new grounds to try and spread out an aspect of Episodic blogging!

This seasons as well as others seasons, I have been pretty not focused on the airing of anime, so often by the time the season is over and done with, and impressions of the upcoming anime season is coming fast and heavy. My ideas are usually moot by then.

Still sometimes I have that urge to do an episodic anime post, and Sagi seems to be that one for me this season. Not so good, when I keep on saying – how sad this anime is for me, when I am only going for the technical aspects. Still moving it onto Yoroshiku, so Go! Go! Go! Mush Mush Mush.. or in terms of my friend Kero as I push my friend’s out of the bookstores- Meish! Meish! Meish!!!!!

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