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Mid day post – planning for Kyoto

Okay done with laundry.. and just planning itinerary to Kyoto at the very last minute.. and lemme just say.. hard work! You can never plan enough.. so I plan plan and Plan!!!! I want to go to these places in Kyoto, so that is a definite. Golden Pavilion, Philosopher’s Walk, Zen Rock Gardens, Gion, and Inari shrine with those gates!

Kyoto, other than Tokyo is my dream spot to go to as well.. because you get to see Geisha’s and Maiko’s in person there, plus the strong tradition of Japan is an absolute dream. I was really fascinated by geisha culture in high school, and then Shinto/Buddhism during college. Still, my grandma would say that the temples is boring, but I have never really been to an temple, so it is interesting for me. God I wish I can speak to her! Well I am calling her now on Skype! She’s my only relative that went to Japan, so that was interesting.

Plus I can always think about the lessons I took in college. I am so grateful to Professor Mills.. that learning about Cultural geography is a high light of my life.

Photo update: I am getting photos ready for Flickr so that would be on Flickr.com/animemiz.. I will be twittering about when photos are ready to be seen!

Ugh now have to head over to Shinjuku.. so have to do that.. going to visit Sendai on Saturday for a one hour meetup with my friend.. and then going to go and visit Like an Edison for Aya.. god feeling like a gopher for her.. but don’t get me wrong.. it makes purposes to visit places.. so I won’t feel like wow- why did I visit this place – other than that it is visiting Japan? ATM situation is kinda annoying me at the moment, but will try to surpass it!

Oh and FYI – other than my times at Rai’s aparto – I don’t have much contact with people.. well people can call me at the cell phone I am renting for use. I placed a wall message on Facebook about that.. and will not be bringing my laptop with me to Kyoto.. so other than one more update tonight.. won’t update until Saturday.

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