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Otome Road – a must for all Boy Love fangirls!

Well after a pretty fast paced afternoon. I made it to Shinjuku to go to the JR station to pick up tickets for Saturday’s trip to Sendai… then I went to the bank and after the post office. Also because of Aya’s request, I tried to go to search for Like An Edison, this I know is the place for JRock concerts..

This is where I want to say that Shinjuku is such a hard place to navigate.. I don’t understand why is that the case? Manhattan is pretty easy to navigate, but Shinjuku nah.. I got lost three times today.. >_<

I got so lost, kept asking Information desk staff, and Police officers where certain directions were…that it was like toward 4:something – when I thought that this is it. Had to give up, otherwise I’ll be late with meeting up with Rai. Also got slightly lost trying to find the JR station from the Tokyo Metro, but must work on mastering it, because will be heading to this area frequently to transfer!

Met up with Rai, and then met up with her other friend, Fighter as she refers to her. We went to the places where any boys lovers should go. The Otome Road at Ikebukuro, which was like four to five stores. Three of which were K-Books, one Madarake, and the last one was Animate. Unfortunately didn’t get the chance to go to Animate, since it was closing. Must go to Otome Road again!

I also went and purchased a lot of things today. Several anthologies of bara, an Okane Ga Nai artbook, puzzle, several One Piece doujinshis’s, a Zombie Loan pencil board and a Nyanko-sensei plushie. Ahhh life is neat that way. I love bara, and rarely see it… let’s see what is bara? I wrote a blog entry about it a while ago.. sounds fetishie.. but ahh!! IF they have Yaoi puzzles then everything is right in my book!

Since the time was growing late, we went to eat dinner quickly at a Raman place…which had a ticket machine outside, like a drink machine. Had that, and then afterward – passed by this Parfait place.. of course we couldn’t resist and went in for a sweet desert. It was really pretty, and good, but I couldn’t really finish mine.. so then after wards Rai and I went back. Need to go to sleep in the next couple of minutes.

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